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You Can Not Forget What Beginner's Mind To Ride A Motorcycle?

- May 10, 2017 -

As the temperature rises, the knights waiting for a winter are restless. The circle of Friends has no food, beauty, only cars, cars, cars, motorcycle tour of the motorcycle, running Mountain, the street, excluding street, brush mileage, drying up the table, belonging to the knight season. Today, we don't talk about who is the coolest car, who is the highest technology, who is the fastest, hormones and adrenaline will let you lose your mind, so we want to talk about the heart of awe, how to go out.

I think, most of the time when the first contact with motorcycles, most people are still somewhat afraid, while yearning for speed, while worrying about security. So, initially, we are in awe of motorcycles and speeds, and we will be vigilant and cautious in riding. Slowly, as we are familiar with the car, familiar with the road conditions and grasp, the eyes are only the speed of the left, you think you realize the man-car unity, no fear of heart, danger may be approaching quietly.

Some may say, often on the road to run where there is no crash car, body not suffer a little hurt, how dare say oneself will ride. The unexpected factors do not control, but many of the causes of accidents are largely related to our self-righteous. So, we must learn to control ourselves, do not forget that the hip is in fact a "beast", do not lose the fear of it and speed. Only awe can not be arrogant, no matter how top of the equipment, no fear of heart, everything is useless.

Now there are some novice friends, money is not a problem, a hand is the latest version of the public upgrade the displacement motorcycle. Vehicles are fitted with a top safety system, which is also easy to overestimate their own strengths. They did not ride on a car without an electronic auxiliary system, and did not know what the consequences of a raging horsepower would be without any assistance. They looked at the toys in their hands with contempt and thought that their technology was great. But even with these top safety aids, these super motorcycles are still temporarily sealed beasts, too rely on electronic systems and missed a few people.

Every knight longs for the endless pleasures of an hour-to-speed meter, dreaming of the picture of his own and the high-speed rail. When we enjoy the bend, the motorcycle gives us the stability and the full acceleration of the bending time; we also like to put others far behind the road, staring at our backs to reveal jealousy or Shin. Believe that all the people who love motorcycles like to ride the feeling, with every subtle movements of the whole body to manipulate the fun of motorcycles is unparalleled. We like all these sensations that motorcycles bring to us, but at the same time, the real Knight shouldn't lose the awe of the first taste. After all, safe home is always the most important.

The fear of your car is not to make you a lot, but to know the scope of your ability, do not do those things that cannot be done. Then, no matter what kind of technical standards you reach, don't forget this awe, it will make security often with you. AWE is the basis of riding motorcycles.

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