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Where Is The Homemade Motorcycle?

- May 10, 2017 -

"Diesel car pollution, should be limited to the use of the city", "Leather truck is the pulled goods of the small truck, only in the countryside to do the tool car" ... Prejudice is a disgusting thing, like a murder without bleeding soft knife, the damage is enormous, but also make people have mouth difficult to argue: you ** people, cheat, lazy, I see more! This kind of words once said, will definitely be everyone attacked, perhaps you have eaten ** People's loss, so far qi can not disappear, but hard to generalize, a bamboo sweep over a boat people, I am afraid not only a narrow ignorance, even will be affixed to the "geographical discrimination" label. So the problem comes, diesel cars and leather trucks who provoke who? Who is going to say two fair words for them? The problem of diesel car I don't say much, the superiority of advanced diesel engine I believe many people have experienced, the first few years of Test drive diesel version of Audi A6L, I really was its tough and quiet and stunned, the emission, unqualified words Che will not let it go ah! It is evident that high pollution is not the original sin of diesel engines, but it is the impression that some of the inferior diesel vehicles of the earlier years left a black smoke rolling. Why environmental protection is much better than China's European diesel vehicle penetration rate is close to the half of the sales model, but we are still restricting the use of fuel economy excellent diesel vehicles everywhere? Compared with at least a bad record of diesel vehicles, the pickup is more wronged: I am in the United States is clearly the biggest sales of home car, why came to China has become not to the city also to spray the door on a reflective strip tool car? On the size of the same SUV, on the momentum, and the same as the sedan, because the butt behind a bucket, I can only "enjoy" truck treatment? Take just listed Ford F150 Raptor, not only the appearance of the interiors of luxury SUV, the configuration also beat luxury sedan, as for the power system, 421 horsepower V6 engine with 10 front speed automatic transmission, this is a high-performance sports car at all. Of course, 499800-548,800 yuan pricing, also from another point of view, the pickup truck should not be with the cheap agricultural tools to draw an equal sign! The good news is that the pickup in the domestic discriminatory positioning or will thaw: since last year, the National Ministry of Government, NDRC, the Ministry of Public Security issued a joint announcement on the relaxation of the pilot to promote the town of the restriction of pickup truck consumption, although it is still only in a few areas to carry out pilot, but after all this is a good start. And there's a good news, at the second plenary meeting of the third meeting of the 15th NPC Standing Committee in Guangzhou, the regulations on the administration of non-motor vehicles and motorcycles in Guangzhou, which were considered and voted adopted, were found, "in this municipality, no unit or individual can sell electric bicycles or motorcycles." Yuexiu Districts, Haizhu District, Liwan District, Tianhe District, as well as Baiyun District, Huangpu Administrative Street area, any unit and individual may not sell manpower tricycle "This sales management clause disappeared." At the same time, "The sale of electric bicycles, motorcycles or human tricycles, by the administrative departments of Industry and Commerce ordered to be corrected, and the illegal sales of vehicles per 2000 yuan fines; Unable to ascertain the quantity of sales, 10,000 yuan more than 50,000 yuan under the penalty" illegal sales of the legal liability clause. It is even gratifying to find that "the specific time of the motorcycle not registered in Guangzhou in the delimitation of the area can be cross-border passage", which means that the implementation of Guangzhou 10-year-long prohibition of the friction order, also began to have signs of melting ice. Motorcycles Do not speak, it silently backs people imposed on its traffic and the blame, although everyone understands that this is the root of human beings. The loosening of the ban, although at present is only a small step, but perhaps it means that people are beginning to look at the various types of motor vehicles in a more impartial and objective manner.

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