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The Transformation And Upgrading Of Motorcycle Industry To Achieve Preliminary Results

- May 10, 2017 -

2012, China's motorcycle industry began to transform and upgrade, after 5 years of continuous decline, production and sales from 27 million vehicles, dropped to 2016 less than 17 million vehicles, the decline exceeded one-third.

This year, China's motorcycle industry has started a good production and marketing, domestic and export signs of stability, and last year remained basically flat. These conditions indicate that the transformation and upgrading of motorcycle industry has achieved preliminary results.

Production and sales remain stable
Fall narrowed

According to the Chinese Association of Automotive Industry Statistics, March, the whole industry to complete motorcycle production and sales of 1.5046 million vehicles and 1.5213 million units, the chain grew 31.65% and 36.44%, the year-to-increase 1.31% and 2.38%. Among them, the two-wheeled motorcycle sales 1.2792 million and 1.2867 million vehicles, the chain grew 31.25% and 34.41%, a year down 2.1% and 1.53%.

January-March, the motorcycle industry accumulated production and sales of 3.8862 million vehicles and 3.9539 million vehicles, a year down 0.87% and 0.7%, the decline in the same period of narrow 13.14 and 12.83%. Among them, the two-wheeled motorcycle production and sales 3.3531 million vehicles and 3.4228 million, a year down 3.72% and 3.56%, the decline narrowed 10.66 and 10.21%.

Pedal car growth on year
Market share Promotion

In recent years, motorcycles, three major models, pedal car has been the trend of growth. On the one hand, because of urbanization, rural roads improve, pedal car operation is relatively easy to become a part of rural consumers preferred; On the other hand is because of traffic jams, pedal car parking convenience, energy saving and environmental protection, more suitable for urban travel.

March 2017, the two-wheeled motorcycle three varieties of model production and sales of the chain has achieved remarkable growth; from the year on the situation, cross cycling and bending beam car production and sales decreased, pedal car continued to maintain growth. March, 745,300 vehicles and 748,800 vehicles were in production and sales across bicycles, the chain grew 30.18% and 34.78%, fell 4.6% and 4.66%; pedal car production and sales 302,000 and 306,300, the chain grew 28.12% and 26.62%, grew 5.85% and 11.59%; bend beam car production and sales 232,000 and 231,600, the chain grew 39.4% and 44.89%, down 3.4% and 6.17%.

From each vehicle sales accounted for two of the total sales of the proportion of the wheel, riding, pedal and bending beams of three types of car models accounted for 58.2%, 23.8% and 18%. Compared with a year earlier, cycling and bending beams decreased by 1.91 and 0.89% respectively, and pedal vehicles rose 2.8%.

January-March, the trans-bike production and sales of 1.9352 million vehicles and 1.9573 million, a year down 6.02% and 7.51%. Bending beam car production and sales 624,200 vehicles and 638,300 vehicles, a year down 7.48% and 6.94%. Pedal vehicle production and sales 793,600 vehicles and 827,200 vehicles, a year-on-6.01% and 10.71%.
250ml and above large displacement vehicle rapid growth

With the transformation and upgrading of China's motorcycle industry, enterprises to increase the design of 250ml motorcycle R & D, new products have been introduced in recent years. China's motorcycle leisure and entertainment market is also in the high-speed development period, 250ml and 250ml above the large displacement motorcycles to maintain rapid growth.

March, 250ml emissions motorcycle production and sales of 71,200 vehicles and 72,400 vehicles, the chain grew 32.17% and 34.96%, the year-on growth 9.94% and 12.56%. January-March, 250ml motorcycle production and sales 198,700 vehicles and 194,700 vehicles, a year-on-19.95% and 20.7%. More than 250ml emissions (excluding 250ml) production and sales of 7,860 vehicles and 6,630 vehicles, a year-on-31.75% and 18.35%.

March, the 125ml motorcycle production and sales 530,200 vehicles and 537,700, the chain of production and sales grew 32.29% and 33.79%, on the year growth 1.17% and 4.99%. January-March, the 125ml emission motorcycle production and sales of 1.3695 million vehicles and 1.4248 million vehicles, a year down 1.76% and 0.33%, the decline was sharply narrowed compared with last year.

March, the 150ml motorcycle sales 287,300 and 297,300 vehicles, the chain grew 36.25% and 44.11%, fell 3.69% and 2.08%. January-March, the 150ml motorcycle production and sales 765700 vehicles and 774,800, a year down 3.08% and 4.51%.

March, the 110ml motorcycle sales 229,500 and 221,200 vehicles, the chain grew 30.1% and 34.29%, fell 8.02% and 16.15%. January-March, the 110ml motorcycle production and sales 590,600 vehicles and 585,300, a year down 11.47% and 14.15%.

March, the 50ml emission motorcycle production and sales 67,000 vehicles and 69,000 vehicles, the chain grew 12.04% and 18.3%, a year down 1.49% and 0.99%. January-March, the 50ml motorcycle production and sales 174,500 vehicles and 183,000, a year down 10.5% and 7.74%.

Three rounds of motorcycle growth recovered

China's three-wheeled motorcycle mainly used in rural areas, urban and rural integration and small towns, is the important means of production of peasants. Around 2005, three motorcycles entered the high growth period, 2005-2010 years, the average annual growth rate of around 30%%, 2011-2013 years in a stable development period, the average annual increase in 3%%, 2014 into the downward stage, the average annual decline of 5%%. This year January-March, three rounds of motorcycle production and sales of 533,100 vehicles and 531,100, a year, 21.8% and 22.82%.

March, three-wheeled motorcycle production and sales of 225,300 vehicles, the chain grew 33.95% and 48.76%, 234,600% growth 26.2% and 30.98%. Among them, the general passenger tricycle sales 13,500 and 14,100 vehicles, the chain grew 23.67% and 32.69%, the year down 44.33% and 42.19%; general freight tricycle production and sales 211,800 and 220,500 vehicles, the chain grew 34.66% and 49.92%, on the year growth 37.31% and 42.49%.

March, the general passenger tricycle sales accounted for 6%% of the total tricycle sales, compared to 7.59%% in the same period from a previous year

Sales of Top 10 enterprises 80% growth

March 2017, motorcycle sales Top 10 Enterprises (group) for the Yangtze River, Zong Shen, Long Xin, Lifan, Silver Cheung, five sheep-Honda, North Enterprises, Guangzhou Universiade, new continents Honda and Qianjiang, respectively sold 183,600, 110,700, 102,700, 90,300, 90,100, 83,500, 75,800, 72,200, 56,200, and 39,900 vehicles.

Compared with last month, the sales volume of 10 enterprises grew fully; compared with 2 declines in the same period, 8 other companies grew at varying degrees, including the Yangtze River, Silver Cheung, North Enterprises and Qianjiang 4 companies grew more than 20%. March, the above 10 enterprises accumulated 904,900 million, about the total sales of motorcycles 59.48%.

Export keeps steady
January-March, China's export motorcycle 1.7302 million vehicles, a year increase of 0.12%.

March, motorcycle production Enterprises export performance is better than last month, the total exports of products and the volume of the whole car exports of the chain, on-year growth.

March, the total export of motorcycle production enterprise products 406 million US dollars, the chain grew 36.25%, a year-on-9.59%. Among them: motorcycle exports 654,500 vehicles, the chain grew 40.57%, a year-to-10.34%; export amount of 347 million dollars, the chain growth 35.67%, the year growth 8.82%.
March, the first five-digit series of export volume is: 125 series (110ml< displacement ≤ 125ml), the 150 series (125ml< displacement ≤ 150ml), 110 series (100ml< displacement ≤ 110ml), 250 series (150ml< displacement ≤ 250ml) and 50 series (displacement ≤ 50ml), respectively exported 247,100, 149,800, 103,900, 42700 and 39,100 vehicles. Compared with last month, the five series of varieties of export volume showed a relatively rapid growth, of which 150 and 125 of the series of growth more evident. March, the above five series of varieties exported 582,600 million, accounted for the total number of motorcycle exports 89.01%.

March, the export amount of the top five series of varieties are: 125 series, 150 series, 110 series, 250 series and 50 series, the export amount is 126 million USD, 79 million US dollar, 43 million US dollar, 32 million US dollar and 21 million dollars respectively. Compared with last month, the 250 series export growth rate is slightly lower, the other varieties are double-digit increase. March, the above-mentioned five series of varieties of total exports of 301 million, accounted for the total motorcycle exports of 86.74%.

January-March, the top five series of exports ranked: 125 series, 150 series, 110 series, 250 series and 50 series, respectively, exported 621,300, 397,600, 290,300, 121,800 and 111300. Compared with a year earlier, the 250 series and 50 series of exports showed a faster growth, and other series of varieties were still declining. January-March, the above five series of varieties exported 1.5423 million, accounted for the total number of motorcycle exports 89.14%.

January-March, the export amount of the top five series of varieties are: 125 series, 150 series, 110 series, 250 series and 50 series, the export amount is 319 million USD, 208 million US dollar, 121 million US dollar, 94 million US dollar and 63 million dollars respectively. Compared with the previous year, the 250 series of export amount is growing faster, 50 series slightly increased, other varieties showed a certain decline. January-March, the five major series of total exports of 805 million, accounted for 87.31% of the total motorcycle exports.

Industry profits declined
January-February, according to China Auto Industry Association Statistics 90 Enterprises, operating income of 16.699 billion yuan, growth 4.46%; operating costs 14.481 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth 4.11%; sales expense 556 million yuan, growth 0.93%, the management expense 999 million yuan, year-on year falls 2.85%; financial expenses 211 million yuan, year-on-up 79.46%. Investment income 28 million yuan, a year down 48.96%; Total profit 360 million yuan, a year down 2.43%.

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