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The Reason For The Prohibition Of Moab Is So Fragile!

- May 10, 2017 -

There are some friends who support the ban, and they have a lot of reasons. I think, people have their own ideas and starting point, you do not like motorcycles This is also very normal. But your understanding of motorcycles, how many are the illusion of motorcycle tarnished! How much do you know about motorcycles?

A. Motorcycle drill to drill down, affecting the safety of traffic. A friend with this view is basically driving, but it is the specialty of motorcycles. Because of its strong ability to pass, it will not happen because of the motorcycle crowding out of congestion, or as many cars as a car card together can block the entire intersection. As for the driving motorcycle interspersed, I tell you, motorcycle drivers are more nervous than you, only in the premise of security assurances, he will wear gears. It is more disgusting to wear a car.

Two. The problem of pollution, it really does not want to use the number and theory to analyse. Because I believe that your IQ and morality will never be low to fathom the playing dumb omnipresent phenomenon. I just say something. Now motorcycles, the annual inspection must pass the tail gas inspection. From January 1, 2011 onwards, China's motorcycle has been implemented three emission standards, the motorcycle itself small emissions, coupled with strict emission requirements, pollution has been very small. Some friends of the motorcycle Love has added, motorcycle even if a little gas can not accept, and relative to motorcycles such as small fingers of the exhaust holes, the car exhaust pipes like a small chimney, you are blind. This love of yours can't afford to.

Three. Security issues. The traffic on the road is dangerous, and the key is whether the person who drives the vehicle complies with the traffic law, not the car. Traffic accident 95% is caused by traffic violation. Legally, the national traffic law permits motorcycles to hit the road, which is legally confirming the safety of motorcycles! Therefore, the "two-wheeled vehicle stability, not safe" view is totally perceptual, neither the legal basis nor the scientific basis. One of the biggest differences between motorcycle and car safety is that motorcycle accidents, injuries often are motorcycle drivers and crew, while car accidents are often injured by other traffic participants. So motorcycle drivers are more cautious. There is also a very important one, motorcycles and cars have the same amount of compensation for the highest 110,000 of the cross-strong risk. There is also a motorcycle driving licence to pass the theoretical examination, the venue examination, the road test can be obtained.

Four. There are some more scattered points of view. What rub, and the like, and Rob. As for the question of Moab, I think at least in eastern China, how much is it, or is it? And the motorcycle Rob was once the strongest argument in Guangzhou, this thing is not discussed here, but in Guangzhou after the ban on the van robbery phenomenon is an indisputable fact. A well-known professor at Guangzhou Medical University was killed in a robbery van. Another fact is that the country has a motorcycle rob, but used for Moab motorcycles are basically unlicensed or fake cards!

So the motorcycle has no disadvantages? There is, how may not be.

The acknowledged disadvantage is that the comfort is poor, rain tanning days, cold weather, riding motorcycles suffer. But the choice of motorcycle people fancy is a motorcycle prominent advantages, and the current level of living standards and common people's "worth", that point of difficulty can be overcome.

Another "drawback" of motorcycles is the main factor that causes him to be banned, which is the cultural connotation of the motorcycle. The car represents the identity, status, power, and soon accepted by the countrymen. Motorcycle represents the free and equal enthusiasm bold and unrestrained positive pragmatic, these are precisely the bottom of the community's needs, so soon to be accepted by the people, but it and the Chinese traditional culture of respect to the power introverted and implicit self-restraint, so always difficult to mainstream social culture of the discernment.

For example, Mormons watched the photo of the governor of Arnold Schwarzenegger riding a motorcycle, and watched the President George W. Bush riding a motorcycle in a ray of euphoria in a Harlem workshop; saw the Ukrainian Belle Tymoshenko advertising the motorcycle photos of the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin riding a Harley-Davidson tricycle to participate in the party video; watched the Taipei prosecutors ' investigation flat case of the prosecutor riding pedal motorcycle to receive CCTV reporter interviews video. But who saw the sight of our officials riding motorcycles? In addition to the initial reform and opening up with motorcycles as a performance of the two or three years of publicity, motorcycles are always a synonym for low status. When confronted with the "upgrading of the city image", "improving the urban Landscape", "to show our achievements to the world" and so on these face things, the sacrifice of nature is the mainstream social culture is considered to be low.

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