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The Current Status Of Motorcycle Dealers

- May 10, 2017 -

All said, "Spring River Plumbing Duck Prophet", motorcycle market from the first rapid development to the present negative growth, the first perception is the first line of dealers. With the increasing maturity of electric locomotive and scooter, the market space of ordinary motorcycle is further squeezed, and more and more dealers begin to feel the pressure of survival.
This year, the market environment continues to deteriorate, in addition to the slowing sales growth, the price war is escalating, and further swallowed the profit margins of manufacturers and distributors. The external environment is already jittery, then, is the real survival condition of the dealer in the first line? Will dealer collapse Tide appear?

New store little, old shop service repeat
A few days ago to visit Jinan flyover a motorcycle market, the industry's first-line major brands are basically set up shops. From the description of the shopkeeper found, with the Jinan "forbidden motorcycle" the increase of the road section and some electric car brands competition, the current motorcycle dealers living space is increasingly squeezed. But in the distribution channel, many generations still can maintain the lucrative profit margin. Although Jinan City ride motorcycles not many, but in the county township level of the place to ride a motorcycle is obviously more people out. On the one hand, traffic police management is not as strict as city-level city, motorcycles than the battery run far, heavy cargo, motorcycles to live in this A-level city, people in the inside of a good transport.
For the motorcycle market dealers, another source of income is the maintenance and upgrading services, the daily patronage of customers also in the majority of maintenance. In the replacement of parts, stores still have considerable profit margins, especially the old customers become the main consumer. But this profit model is not insurance, many bosses do not want to see customers often to repair cars, after-sales pressure is not small.

Growing troubles, do not "shock"?
Creativity, technology, experience, a new generation of electric vehicles, seems to subvert the impression of traditional electric cars. Although the weather is hot, but believe that motorcycle people in the back of the coolness of silk. The new energy Industrial revolution wave, peremptory imminent. Now motorcycle enterprises start to set foot in the electric vehicle market, such as new continents Honda, Hao Jue, five sheep Honda, Zong Shen and so on the boss all began to lay out the electric vehicle industry, through their own technical superiority, trying to occupy a place in high-end electric car market.

So the problem comes, the enterprise frequently "electric shock", as a motorcycle dealer that is closely related to the enterprise should also change the mentality to start in the shop to put a few motor vehicles? In fact, this trend has emerged on the terminals, many motorcycle wholesalers will high-end electric vehicles in a conspicuous position, not only enrich the product category, so that picky consumers have more choice, and because the selected electric vehicle is the positioning of high-end products, which is conducive to enhance the image of their stores.

But "electric shock" is not all good, high-end electric vehicles need a lot of capital investment, which has begun to enter the low-profit era of dealers is not small pressure. On the other hand, electric cars are the weakness of motorcycle dealers, after-sale, service, package and raise all need new manpower, manpower costs naturally rising.

Now selling motorcycle bosses mostly did not have a decade ago that shares of conquered, Spirit, work more conservative, many motorcycle shops also become tasteless discard chicken ribs. Many bosses tell small series, continue to stay in this industry because of the love, in fact from their words, small series to see is helpless. Young started, more than 10 years later generations to middle-aged, and then business is not easy to say, rather than love, it is reluctant to pay over the years and accumulated contacts. Hope that the industry can in the plight of the coming out, only in this way, dealers have more reason to stay here, don't forget, we have fought shoulder!

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