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The Choice Of Motorcycles Purchase

- Jun 16, 2017 -

1. The quality of the engine is the key to determine the quality of motorcycles. Select, first observe the engine and the frame is in the same center line, and then stalled the starting lever, if you can not hear the sound, indicating that the engine cylinder can. Turn on the power, open the fuel tank switch, carry out the local start to check the engine starting and hanging file situation, a good engine step on the starting speed shift lever 2-3 times to start, and in the case of idle no flame, no noise, while accelerating very sensitive The Then, to carry out the file inspection, respectively, from the low gear step by step to the high gear, hanging file smoothly, the file when the gears are no collision sound, exhaust pipe nuts do not leak phenomenon, even if the quality is good. Finally observe the muffler smoke is what color to light blue for the best.
2. Body shape. Requires a reasonable layout, novel and beautiful, smooth and bright. Before and after the damping cylinder both parallel and front and rear tires are symmetrical, and require a variety of accessories and parts complete. In addition, the quality of paint and wash parts quality is not only the main factors to determine the appearance of a beautiful, but also play a role in protecting the wear and tear to reduce wear and tear. Spray paint parts appearance requirements paint symmetry, bright, no collision block.
3. Control mechanism. The steering mechanism includes many aspects, the main should check the steering, clutch grip, throttle line, front and rear brake devices and other components. Requirements on both sides of the damping tube on both sides of the same elasticity, turn to the flexible and reliable, clutch grip, throttle line to turn freely, front and rear brakes safe and reliable (return position must also return to the original position).
4. electrical equipment. One by one to check the headlights, direction lights, brake lights, instrument lights work and the speaker's voice, if there is no exception, that electrical appliances normal. In addition, you can take a few trips back and forth, feeling very light for the superior car, and vice versa is a local parts encountered friction resistance. But also to observe the front and rear damping tube, the engine has no oil leakage phenomenon, ride is comfortable.

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