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Sports Off - Road Motorcycle Walking System And Production Process

- Jul 01, 2017 -

Off-road motorcycle walking system's main role is to effectively support the whole car and the weight of the load, so that to a certain extent, to ensure the stability of its manipulation and ride comfort, Off-road motorbike walking system mainly includes the fork, Wheels, rear shock absorbers and other equipment.

Sport motorcycle skeleton in the process of making the main steel pipe, steel welded together, the equipment in the engine, gearbox and fork and other components are connected to each other in the course of the use of a relatively high strength As well as stiffness.

Dual sport motorcycle in the process of making the use of its steel stamping and welding made of the spine-type frame, the fork is equipped with a forklift mechanism, in the course of the use of its frame will be effective And the front wheel of the organic connection.

The front wheel of the sport motorbike is the guide wheel, and the rear wheel is the driving wheel. Since the process is used, the wheel is composed of the spokes, the wheel, the rim, the tire and so on. , Made by rolling the steel plate.

The use of the sport off-road motorcycle steering system, in the course of the use of the front wheel will handle the direction of the direction of the motorcycle, in use will be installed on the board, when the car will rotate around the direction of the column When the upper and lower board with the rotation.

Sports off-road motorcycle through the front shock absorber to drive its front wheel left and right rotation, the car will be equipped with the right side of the control of the carburetor throttle handle the size of the throttle handle and control the front wheel brake handle, the left side will be equipped with control clutch Grip and handle.

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