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Some Good Tricks Of Power Saving For The Electric Scooter Battery

- Nov 15, 2017 -

For the same battery, some people can use for a long time, but some people change the battery more frequently. In fact, if during the use of electric scooter, pay more attention to the charging method, riding way  and small details in the daily maintenance, we can make the electric scooter riding more energy saving.


1. Pay attention to developing good habits when riding the electric scooter in daily life.

In the process of riding an electric scooters, it is best to maintain a uniform driving state and minimize the number of braking. For example, when you meet the traffic lights, you can enter the glide ahead of time. During the downhill, you can also cut the power off for deceleration. In addition, in the start-up process, the handgrip can be slowly rotating, which is relatively safe, to prevent the impact of large current on the battery, and can reduce battery loss and life damage.


2.Choose the charger that matches the electric scooters battery, do not replace the charger at will.

The structure and model of the electric vehicle are different, the basic parameters of the charger will be different, so it is not optional to replace the charger. In fact, many batteries are actually damaged due to inattention of charge. If you need to replace the charger, it is

recommended that the equip a special charger by the maintenance staff .


3.Pay attention to the charging way of electric scooter battery.

During daily use, charge the electric scooter should be charged regularly, and control the charging time. Normally, when the green light of the charge lamp is on, it means the electric power is sufficient and it is recommended that the floating charge can be kept for two hours.


4.Pay attention to the environmental conditions of electric scooter battery charging.

According to the charging standard, the electric scooter should be charged at a temperature about 25 degrees, because under this temperature condition, the battery can achieve the best performance state. However, in real life, few temperature can meet such environmental conditions. Especially in the winter, the dropping temperature will also affect the performance of the battery, so it is recommended that the electric vehicle should be charged indoor.

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