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Smart Electric Cars Need To Be Redefined

- May 10, 2017 -

To say that the most remarkable development trend of the electric vehicle industry in recent years, so non-"intelligent" mo genus, this year's Tianjin exhibition will also be the theme "intelligent" "networked", visible, electric vehicle intelligence has become the whole industry transformation direction.

Intellectualization is the way out of low quality competition

According to statistics, China's electric vehicle social ownership has reached 200 million, is the private car 200%, motorcycle 160%, has become the most common use of the means of transport. In the past 18 years, the electric vehicle industry has maintained more than 20% high-speed growth, in the highest year even at a rate of 47% growth, however, this unconventional development was broken in 2014, this year, the whole car industry for the first time, the Chinese electric vehicle industry ended nearly 20 years of brutal growth, into the new normal growth slowdown.

In China, the development of any emerging industry is closely tied to a huge demographic dividend, and electric cars are no exception. The first stage is the partition of the city's demographic dividend, the city market saturation, the second stage began to sink, seize the rural market, now, China's electric vehicle social tenure has stood in the commanding heights of 200 million vehicles, on average, 1 vehicles per 7 people, capacity and demand ratio of up to 1:0.37, a severe excess capacity, both urban and rural markets, has been severely saturated, that is, the demographic dividend has been the large and small electric car enterprises carved up.

The incremental market has peaked, which only accelerates demand for the stock market. We see, these years, electric vehicle enterprises have been in the stock market, various patterns of the old new activities in the country staged, in addition, not set the bottom line price war, dazzling celebrity endorsement, signing sales, Plaza activities, "Climb mountain", "long-distance running" and so on, become the major brands of conventional weapons.
 However, after the lively, the whole industry's decline remained unchanged, according to statistics, at present, China's electric vehicle industry has a licence to the enterprises as much as more than 1200 more than, in the case of severe excess capacity, obviously the existing stock market has not been able to support so many enterprises, to get out of the predicament, the stock market can not continue to Chang down, but to find new incremental market.

Where is the incremental market? Zhao Xuezhong, CEO of New Japan, said in the industry meeting that intelligent electric vehicle is the best embodiment of industrial innovation, the continuous development of information technology will promote the electric vehicle industry further transformation and upgrading. Electric vehicles must go out of functional homogeneity competition and move towards Intellectualization.

Intelligent chaos like true and false is difficult to distinguish

The new day is the industry's first to propose and practice "intelligent" electric vehicle enterprise, as early as 2012, New Day electric vehicle first developed the initial intelligent electric vehicle. Subsequently, the new Day electric vehicle will be out of hand, in the field of intelligent electric Vehicle Vietnam War more Yong. 2014, the new Day electric car created the industry's first intelligent eco-supply chain system, while the new day will be smart electric vehicles to promote the "Smart 3.0" phase.

And in 2015, New Day in the intelligent exploration of the breakthrough progress, its independent research and development of the new generation of intelligent electric vehicle MIKU again overturned people's understanding of intelligent electric vehicles, in this year's Tianjin exhibition sparked widespread concern in the industry, and won the highest prize in the field of China's industrial design-Taihu Lake Awards.

After the new day, other electric vehicle enterprises are also following up, launched their own intelligent electric vehicle products, it is reported, Emma is with the world's 500 strong enterprises in Germany, Bosch cooperation and development of their own intelligent electric vehicles.

If the 2012 with the new Day the first intelligent electric vehicle start, can be called intelligent electric car year words, then, 2015, the Intelligent Electric vehicle is the full outbreak of the age of one years.

The concept of "intellectualization", for the entire electric vehicle industry, the significance is very important, it let the whole industry focus from the functional homogeneity of the competition to the core technology to explore, intelligent and lightweight, lithium electrochemical together representing the future development direction of the electric vehicle industry. Unfortunately, the current intelligence is becoming a marketing gimmick and the concept of fooling consumers.

According to the author, there are more than 10 kinds of smart electric car brands on the market, but in fact, there are few breakthrough innovations in intelligent design, most of them are old technology new term, change concept, such as "ray sensors" re-packaging, called "Adaptive System", and this technology in fact, early in the last century 90 the 1990s already. In addition, some only use intelligent communication and network equipment to the electric vehicle on some simple functions of the development and upgrading, such as a key lock/start, GPS positioning and remote control, and so on, even some electric car brands so-called intelligent is only the remote control unlocked.

Intelligent Electric vehicle industry is originally a promising field, but now become a marketing gimmick, for consumers to distinguish true and false, finally simply give up. Electric vehicle intelligence disorderly elephant, inferior coin expel good coin, ultimately poison will be whole industry.

New definition of intelligent electric vehicle: built-in core, external wisdom

Industry chaos breeding ground is often a number of standards backward or marked non-compliance, lax supervision of the field, electric vehicles are such a typical industry, as an emerging industry, in the entire development stage, its industry standards are lagging.

To govern the intelligent chaos of electric vehicles, let the industry return to the benign development of the road, must set standards.

The new day as an intelligent electric vehicle lead, has pioneered the intelligent electric vehicle technical standards, that is, must have 6 core intelligent operating System: Dynamic system Intelligent, intelligent control system, intelligent man-machine interface, intelligent anti-theft system, intelligent safety system, intelligent system of Yan-extension. The relationship between these intelligent systems is based on the expansion of "honeycomb" technology research and development.

After the introduction of MIKU in 2015, they redefined the smart electric car: built-in cores, outside wisdom.

"Built-in core" means that the real intelligent electric vehicle is a smart operating system, the smart operating system functions similar to the computer's processors, can accurately handle information, control electrical system, power system, improve the overall vehicle handling performance. and "Outside wisdom" means that intelligent electric vehicles also need to have the ability to communicate with the outside intelligent equipment, such as can connect with the smartphone, the realization of a key lock car and self-test, but also the mobile phone can be directly pushed the music to the electric car audio, all the way to accompany music and so on.

Baidu Encyclopedia of the definition of "intellectualization" refers to four points: one is the ability to perceive the external world, the ability to acquire external information, which is the prerequisite and necessary condition of the intelligent activity, and the ability of remembering and thinking, that can store the perceived external information and the knowledge generated by the thinking, while utilizing the existing knowledge to analyze, calculate, compare, judge, associate and make decisions; Thirdly, it has the ability of learning and adaptive ability, i. e., through interacting with the environment, Constantly learning to accumulate knowledge, so that they can adapt to changes in the environment, the fourth is the ability to conduct decision-making, that is to respond to external stimuli, to form decision-making and convey the corresponding information. Only the above-mentioned four characteristics can be called "intelligent" equipment.

In other words, intelligent equipment must have three kinds of abilities: information acquisition ability, processing ability and feedback ability. For intelligent electric vehicles, I think there is a very popular judgment criterion, that is, must have "brain" and "nervous system", that is, to have a medium control chip and a set of sensing equipment. There is also a simple identification method, pseudo intelligent technology is accessories, can be dismantled, and true intelligent technology is the core of the master control, cannot be dismantled. For example, add up to the GPS can be dismantled, and the new Day smart chip E-CPU but cannot be dismantled.

Intelligent Landing for user experience

In addition, I think, intelligent electric vehicle can not only be intelligent and intelligent, technology is for the human service, so intelligent also to meet the practicality, that means that the performance of electric vehicles can improve significantly, can give users a more humane experience.

We all know that the use of electric vehicles has three major pain points: one is to charge difficult, the battery is too heavy, inconvenient to move down, the second is anti-theft difficult, for electric car theft is not easy, three is halfway there is no electricity or failure.

The intellectualization of electric vehicles cannot sloganeering the concept, but to solve these practical problems. It is understood that the new day MIKU in so many intelligent electric vehicles stand out, it is that its intelligent more practical, more humane, more grounding gas.

For example, the use of a more portable lithium battery portfolio, to solve the problem of moving down the charging of difficult, and through intelligent control with smart charger, can accurately control the charge and electricity display, effective protection of battery overcharge, prolong battery life; its built-in intelligent chip (E-CPU) adopts multi-encryption technology, which is unique and reliable, which can not unlock the vehicle owner. In the unlocked state, the motor, controller and other parts can not start, the whole car cannot run. At the same time the new Day MIKU also adopts the line integration technology, the whole vehicle electrical parts line and the intelligent chip (E-CPU) Integrated encryption processing, makes the thief cannot use the replacement part by the new Day MIKU, this effectively solves the anti-theft problem; the one-key self-test technology can be eliminated in time, the intelligent system can also be proactive in the vehicle after the problem, in the first time of failure, intelligent control will push the fault point to the user mobile phone, dealer backstage, the company backstage, Dealers can take the initiative to notify users to repair or provide active road rescue services.

In addition, the car also innovative to the residual power of the vehicle into a driving mileage, intuitive display on the mobile phone, can let users more precise planning of travel plans and routes, to avoid halfway down the electricity. At the same time, by joining a variety of sensors, can also achieve a different temperature, weight, climbing angle, real-time optimal configuration of the controller parameters, so that the motor play the best performance, thereby improving the user experience and protection circuit system.

The example of the new Day MIKU, is to illustrate that the intelligent electric vehicle can not play the concept, not to intelligent and intelligent, intelligent must be landing for the user experience. Otherwise, the direction of the deviation, even if you can Ober high-end, is also pseudo intelligence.

Of course, the intelligent electric vehicle is a long process, at present only the initial stage, but also far from reaching the "human-car interaction" the perfect degree, and the technical level, enterprise comprehensive strength and price factors are restricting the development of intelligent, this road is a long way, need the support of the country and the whole industry to work together, but it can be certain that this must be a road.

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