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I Heard More And More Dealers Chose To Sell Scooters 2017.

- May 10, 2017 -

Mention motorcycle development Trend, the platoon is undoubtedly the trend, but in the current motorcycle market, more than 90% percent of the market share still belongs to small platoon motorcycle. About the same proportion of all over the country dealers are also in the market, after all, the majority of motorcycle consumer group consumption ability to put there, always can not expect ordinary consumers to play with a tens of thousands of of the big Platoon car. Therefore, for our dealers, do not be fooled by the trend, only the car is a good car!
Pedal car as the 2016 industry mainstream model, it is exquisite appearance and not lose in the power of the cross bike configuration, as well as comfort and convenience, more and more favored. Why pedal car These years become more and more popular, appearance and ease of use is only one aspect, more importantly, the price, pedal car in the price advantage to make it become the mainstream of the current model.
2016, the motorcycle industry continued sluggish market influence, pedal car but all the way singing, production and sales volume to maintain steady growth. The manufacturer's new conference, the frequency of the pedal car appearance is also more and more high, whether the product style or product quality, showing a strong increase in the situation, even if the innate technology of Chongqing manufacturing, is also vigorously invested in R & D and production pedal car. For manufacturers, Scooter is the guarantee of the regional market profitability, is also a quick way to promote brand reputation.
For dealers, pedal car profit margins are almost 1 time times the other models, each car can reach 600~1200 or so. This aspect because the scooter itself cost relative to other models relatively low, therefore has the higher price freedom, on the other hand also because the consumer to the personalized product pursues. Pedal car style is very fashionable, once as a lady's car representative in the appearance is very pleasing, and pedal in the rainy day has the role of mud water is also very practical.
In recent years the rapid decline of motorcycle sales of small platoon let some people on the pedal car is not optimistic, think small row market is already saturated, as small platoon vehicle representative pedal car sales will become more difficult, this kind of understanding is not comprehensive. Market overrun, sales difficult is the homogeneity of serious, poor quality of the small platoon car, and some unique personality, quality pedal models are very popular with the market, the same is small row products, why pedal car so successful? Can not see the reasons for the decline in sales simply attributed to the market saturation, the crux of the product is not in line with market demand.
Dealers think that electric cars, bicycle scooters are the main competitors, small series not so look, electric cars, bicycle do not have to license, only two thousand or three thousand yuan, compared with the pedal car has a price advantage, but now many places have intensified the management of electric cars, bicycle-assisted vehicles, also strictly enforce the licensing, insurance, and so on, violates the traffic laws will be dealt with, so that the electric car, bicycle problem has attracted the attention of the country, and increased management. This also makes electric cars, the so-called advantages of bicycle fade gradually. And there are many disadvantages such as poor endurance, insufficient power and so on.
In addition, electric cars, bicycle can only as a means of transport, and now many consumers are not satisfied with the transportation, he also pursues speed, like to play various tricks, which is electric cars, bicycle can not be satisfied, this is a unique advantage of pedal motorcycle. Visible dealers to the pedal car can put 100 hearts, if the pedal car is not good sell, that also to the whole market is a depression time.
China's scooter production is mainly concentrated in the development of the mold is known for the Jiangsu and Zhejiang Plate, because the entire plate by a large number of small and scattered enterprises piled up, its workshop-style production so that it has not been able to produce the production pedal truck heavyweight enterprises. Now the eagle, the representative of the enterprise began to emerge, with the high-end market. In the Chongqing plate, the pedal car also appears to be a sign of rise. Undoubtedly, the revitalization of scooter manufacturing will lead to the strengthening of the whole China pedal vehicle in the world competitiveness.
Nowadays, consumers have higher requirements for product quality. Domestic pedal car motorcycle to win the recognition of consumers, must be in quality and personalization hard work. This requires enterprises to invest more money for product development, improve the technical content of products and core product quality, to create core competitiveness. Only on the high-end boutique route, from the price war to the value war, from the low price to the demand, small platoon motorcycle can break through, and regain the affirmation of consumers, and dealers will also gain greater benefits from quality and brand promotion.

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