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High-end, Intelligent, The Electric Vehicle Industry Has What Potential To Tap?

- May 10, 2017 -

Electric vehicle industry has now formed two distinct markets, with access products (homogeneity products) mainly in the low-end electric vehicles in the township and Urban peripheral markets mature, most enterprises are also vying for the Red Sea in this piece of the bee; with a calf, fast Cosette and other Internet vehicle brands as well as Ngadi, Emma and other electric vehicle industry traditional first-line brand as the representative of the Independent development model capacity of enterprises, to become the main high-end market, high-end is a differentiation of expression, The blue sea market, although the competition is relatively small, but for the brand value of higher requirements, more need to sink the heart to do a good car.

The polarization of the electric car market reflects the enterprise to the consumer market forecasts, technology, consumption change has never stopped, for the desire to create brand value, from the price war in the mud out of the aspiring enterprises, the electric vehicle industry is also available for mining? What potential is available for excavation?

Market Potential
Enough to sustain the electric car industry

As a kind of energy-saving and relatively inexpensive travel tools, electric bicycles are more suitable for China's national conditions, have a promising green means of transport. To solve the problems of China's future traffic, electric bikes will occupy an important position. In the next 10 years, China will add 300 million farmers to the city to work, of which 1.2 billion of farmers may settle in cities. The travel problem of such a large crowd is not able to be carried out by the existing transport system. From the viewpoint of environmental protection, energy saving and safety, electric bicycle is an important carrier to solve the problem of peasant's traffic.

On the other hand, according to the sixth census of 2010, China's urbanization rate was nearly 55%. According to statistics, China's township convergence of the population of more than more than 200 million (according to the sixth census data speculated). That is to say, 1.3 billion of the population, more than more than 400 million people live in modern cities, more than more than 200 million people living in villages and towns, with nearly 600 million people living in rural areas. In this way, in China, less than 5% of the area gathers more than more than 400 million people living in modern cities, and over 95% of the area, dotted with nearly 20,000 townships, and around the town of hard-counting villages, living with the remaining more than 800 million inhabitants (of course, there are huge migrant workers).

The reason to emphasize the large township and rural market, because the electric vehicles here are welcome and unimpeded, township and rural areas because of the vast territory, there is no limit to the problem of electric vehicles, but the superiority of electric vehicles in the life promotion, price pro-people now become very prominent. According to incomplete statistics, the traditional electric vehicle enterprises have nearly 70% products by township and rural market digestion, although this market profit margin is not very high, but like a stable granary, supporting the electric vehicle industry continued to develop.

Upgrade potential
Urban consumer people will return to electric cars

Metropolitan Market is originally an important supplement to the development of electric vehicles, in some areas such as Zhengzhou, electric vehicle holdings even up to 300. But the development of electric vehicles in other cities is not all optimistic, especially in the coastal development of fast cities, the backbone of the basic electric vehicles are limited. Although it is a half-covered part of the ban on the pipa, but the discerning people know that if the electric vehicles still do not have a legitimate identity, as the metropolitan traffic increasingly tense, more streets will be occupied by private cars. In addition to the prohibition of power rationing, the market of big cities is certainly not chicken, because of the high consumption level, personalized demand, such as strong factors of the electric vehicle market become the electric vehicle industry high-end experimental plots.

In the city market, the promotion of consumer purchasing power, and the improvement of the quality of life further strengthens the consumer's self-expression. Fashion and individuality are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, to differentiation, personalized dominated brand growth rapidly. Stylish, personalized differentiated products are very popular, although the price will be higher than the traditional electric vehicles, but still have a strong demand.

Although the introduction of power rationing or cut-off measures in some major cities, coupled with the export sector, the impact of macroeconomic downturn, the recent production of electric bicycles will have a certain impact. But in general, the demand for electric bikes will be further increased, especially for high-end demand for electric vehicles to open up new consumer groups. At the same time, with the construction and perfection of rural roads, the demand for ordinary electric bicycles will be further increased in the vast rural areas.

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