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China's Motorcycle Road And Firm

- May 10, 2017 -

In recent years, the shrinking of traditional market, the opening of leisure entertainment market, let the motorcycle industry enter the difficult transition road. What new trends can we see from the start of 2017 years?

If there is anything special about this start, Howard Johnson's massive product cuts are undoubtedly the biggest topic. Since this year, Howard Johnson has made a nationwide price adjustment, some products even dropped to the price line with three lines. As the industry hegemony, the strength of the grand, so the price of the impact of the market is also very significant, other brands of dealers immediately feel the pressure doubled.

In the industry, Howard Johnson always adhere to the product quality known, at this time raised the price of the knife, what is intended?

Think of many years ago, that is the motorcycle industry's golden period, countless big and small brands, in order to rob the market, at the expense of product quality, has been involved in the price of melee. At that time, Howard Johnson, facing the melee indifferent, always adhere to the quality of products. Finally, Hao Jue relying on the reputation of the product has won the brand status, become the industry's king.

Today, the market for motorcycles has long gone. Howard Johnson is a blockbuster at this time, undoubtedly with greater ambition. Grand Mercure once said it would occupy 50% of its market share in China's motorcycle market. At present, in the face of shrinking market, many small brands have to rely on the only price advantage among living. In such an industry environment, the final price of the knife, will inevitably lead to many low-end backward production capacity completely out.

Therefore, we can see that after a few years of transformation and upgrading, the current industry has entered the stage of large-scale survival of the fittest. Shuffling, may be the 2017 development keywords.

In fact, the point of view of the enterprise, through the price means to combat competitors, to obtain greater market share is understandable. The main thing is whether to adhere to the competition in quality, to provide consumers with more quality services and cost-effective products. Benign competition will also force other brands to enhance their own, ultimately to promote the healthy development of the industry.

The market is cruel. In fact, the development of any industry is going through the process of scouring the sand. Many industry development process, will gradually eliminate the "small, scattered, disorderly" elements, eventually formed by a handful of high-quality brands for the host and some personalized brand supplemented by the industry pattern. Hao Jue as representative of the high-quality brands, it is representing the Chinese motorcycle industry healthy tomorrow.

From time to view, China's motorcycle industry is still very young, still walking on the road to growth. The survival of the fittest, this is China's motorcycle to mature the inevitable road. For businesses and businesses, who can insist, who can laugh at the end. Only through the thousand TAO million, can get real gold.

Throughout the start of the situation, the 2017 road destined to still bumpy, but also lit the dawn of hope. Here, borrow a word, line and not easy, and line and firm.

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