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'Shared Motorcycle' Will Appear In The Country

- May 10, 2017 -

The two words that share cars and bicycles are now taking turns to bomb our eyeballs. So, what about sharing motorcycles? Cars and bikes are all there, how do you share motorcycles?
The author inquires a few, although not shared motorcycles, but in the United States and Germany, has started the business of sharing motorcycles, and are starting from the official operation this year. However, their share price is higher, the current scope of coverage is not very large.
First, American, shared bicycles are operated by RidersShare platforms, they have very strict requirements for motorists; Germany's shared motorcycle is operated by the Gogoro company in Taiwan, the company provided by the motorcycle is actually what we call the small sheep such as the battery, but the technology is more advanced, but they have a lot of speed limit.
In operating mode, the United States adopts a shared platform for the lessor to register its motorcycle with the platform, for rent, and Germany's operating model, which is similar to the domestic shared bicycle, but the cost of manufacturing maintenance for the shared motorcycle is several times higher than that of shared bicycles. It is understood that because of each of these shared motorcycles up to more than 20,000 billion yuan manufacturing costs, currently only 1000 of the market is available.
Put the topic back home, at home so good at learning derivative "shared economic quotient", how to ignore the shared motorcycle this thing? This can only be from the policy, investment, market, operation and so on to find the reason, because the domestic share of the economic market, is still in a non-rational state.

First of all, from a policy standpoint
Domestic more than the introduction of a restraining order, for small sheep such as batteries, there are also local restrictions. The reasons for these policies are explained, the first is that the motorcycle and the battery car is very unsafe, and the second is that they disturb the traffic order, causing traffic congestion, and the third is the motorcycle pollution is very large, while the battery is a lot of people arbitrarily modified speed. More restrictive policies, so that shared motorcycles in China's living space compared to share cars, shared bicycles narrow a lot.

Second, from the capital investment in terms of
We are referring to the sharing of cars and bicycles as specimens, and shared bikes are obviously more talked about, and the scale development and joining operators are bigger than shared cars. Exploring this deep-seated factor is because the cost of sharing a bicycle is itself less than a shared car, the same amount of money, a shared bike can be paved with greater space. As for the capital investment problem of shared motorcycles, it is also trapped in the sandwich layer that shares automobiles and bicycles.

Third, from the individual market level
The use of shared bicycles is basically a non-demanding threshold, and open a shared motorcycle, you need at least a driver's license, which limits the use of the dead group. With the driver like drops? Isn't it a black rub?
Fourth, operating mode
If shared bikes are used in the operating mode of shared bikes, then the loss rate of shared bikes is seen, and the shared motorcycle may be intimidated by investors. If the use of the United States shared motorcycle platform model, motorcycle supply Group also become a problem, to know that a lot of domestic motorcycles but no licence ah. However, this is at least the same as the shared cycling model.
Finally, the problem of sharing motorcycle insurance
Many insurers are in their own interests, not willing to give the motorcycle insurance, only to insure against a strong risk. This virtually adds a legal risk to the company's favourite development of shared motorcycles, and allows companies to prepare an accident margin in advance.
At present, the concept of "shared motorcycle" is not realistic at home. If you want to develop a shared motorcycle, you should choose a motorcycle driving environment more relaxed, motorcycle industry more influential places to try, such as Chongqing, Jiangmen.

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