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Why does electric car batteries appear bulging?

- May 10, 2017 -

Battery pack Bulge, many people have encountered, the general use of a long time cell phone batteries are easy to drum up, and everyone knows that the battery drum is very dangerous, electric vehicle batteries are no exception. But for the reason why the electric car batteries bulge, do not know whether you know it? If you do not know, then with the small series together to understand it.

I. High PRESSURE relief valve
EV batteries in order to ensure safety will have a safety valve, when the electric vehicle battery pressure rises, the safety valve will automatically open, after all, release pressure, so that the normal use of batteries. And when the pressure in the battery rises, the relief valve is not open, it will appear in the case of bulge.

Second, the charging current is too large
Normally, regular manufacturers of electric vehicle batteries are a certain charge current value, and because of various causes of the voltage is too high, charging current is too large, it is easy to lead to the electrode plate precipitation too quickly, and then lead to inadequate chemical reactions. At the same time, if the battery body temperature rises quickly, the exhaust is not timely, naturally will appear in the case of bulge.

3. Series Charging
Some electric car batteries are used in tandem, so that they can have more capacitance, and when the series batteries charge too much, it will also cause the battery in the gas compound bad, so that the situation of bulge.

IV. Battery unqualified
If the battery in the design of the enterprise does not pay attention to the time to stay in the way, there will be excessive pressure in the body, the battery bulge situation.
The above four kinds of electric car batteries are common causes, but to avoid the drum bulge, so, in addition to mastering the cause of its bulge, but also pay attention to two points:

First, often check the batteries
The good batteries are also used to toss, in particular, many people in the course of riding electric cars do not pay special attention to maintenance, the road rugged, frequent brakes, excessive load and so on will cause batteries to be damaged, but often check the batteries, on the one hand to ensure the normal operation of the battery, on the other hand to protect their personal safety, to avoid

Second, select Brand products
Research shows that 80% of the people in the purchase of things will habitually buy cheaper, and cheaper products can have a high cost-effective, so the use of life is usually not very high, the failure rate will be very high. In this, the best or good quality products, do not covet cheap, eat big loss.

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