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What should be done to extend the service life of electric scooter batteries?

- Apr 27, 2018 -

To extend the service life of the electric scooter battery, first of all pay attention to the battery should be paid attention to close the electric door lock when charging on the electric scooter, the battery can not be charged upside down, when charging should pay attention to once full. If odors are smelled or the battery temperature is too high during the charging process, the charging should be stopped immediately and sent to Luguang Technology Department for overhaul.


To extend the service life of the electric scooter battery, when the battery is to be removed at this time, the two ends of the electrode may not be touched with wet hands or keys, so as to avoid burns; when the electric scooter is not used for a long time , must pay attention to charge once every month, should be fully charged after the battery is stored, should not be stored in the state of loss of electricity.


When the electric scooters are charging, they must pay attention to using a dedicated charger. Because the battery formula and process are not the same, the technical requirements for the charger are not the same. Which kind of charger to fill the battery of what brand can be full, are not the same, therefore, must not be mixed with the charger. In order to protect the battery, the user can use with the charge, but can not use the voltage to drive back to prevent serious loss of power, the battery is dead, you should turn off the power to ride.


When the electric scooter is charging, do not stop charging immediately when the charge indicator shows full power, and it should be floated for 2-3 hours. After that, electric scooter should pay attention to ground charging to avoid "deep discharge." Riding electric scooters to develop the habit of using the same day charging the same day, riding every day, no matter how far the best should be full of battery power, do not wait until after the light and then recharge.


When the electric scooter is charging, when the battery is discharged, the vulcanization will be formed quickly. Some people have tested that if the battery after discharge is left for 24 hours, white sulfide can be seen with the naked eye on the plate. Sulfides are substances that are very easy to crystallize. These crystals are called "sulfation" and are simply referred to as vulcanization. The battery of an electric scootard cannot be charged in time, and it also accelerates the formation of such vulcanization.

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