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The type of Street electric motorcycle, conventional parameters and prices

- Oct 09, 2017 -

In the past the streets to see more of the bike, but the development of automatic electric technology, electric vehicles have been widely promoted in a wide range, has become one of the most important means of transport, street electric motorcycle is one of them, Often, electric-powered motorcycles can be called street electric motorcycles.


In this case, the street electric motorcycle should be divided into electric two-wheeled motorcycle and electric three-wheeled motorcycle two, the former is driven by electricity, the maximum design speed greater than 50km / h two motorcycles; Is driven by electricity, the maximum design speed is greater than 50km / h, but it is used in the form of three rounds.


As the previous motorcycle is cumbersome, people driving up so that ash is not convenient, so now the streets of electric motorcycles are improved design, not only the way the drive has changed, even the materials are used in light, so that the whole Street electric motorcycles are more light.


To the street electric motorcycle in the two electric motorcycles, the vehicle quality is not more than 40kg and the maximum design speed is not greater than 50km / h, so that the motorcycle can be more flexible driving on a variety of roads. The reason to control the speed, on the one hand is to meet the requirements of the drive power, on the other hand is to protect the street electric motorcycle driving safety.


At present, the market price of ordinary street electric motorcycle is not very high, generally in 2000 yuan -3000 yuan, the general maximum speed, the more the maximum number of kilometers the more expensive battery. But we buy street electric motorcycles, quality and performance is the most critical measure.



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