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The introduction of the gasoline cargo tricycle

- Dec 11, 2017 -

Gasoline cargo tricycle will be divided into two parts. In front of it, there will be a steerable wheel, handlebars, bell, brakes, pedals and seats. The chain will drive the rear wheels to rotate.


Gasoline cargo tricycle rear is mainly the carriage. Most carriage bodies are semi-circular made of wood or other materials. Two people can sit side by side. A folding rainproof awning is arranged on the carriage, and springs and two wheels are arranged below.


Under the gasoline cargo tricycle seat, generally there will be a similar wooden box. It can open and it will store the driver 's tool sundry. A seat cushion made of cloth and cotton wool, with foot plate under it. There is a hook in front of the carriage, which can hang the rainproof door curtain. The door curtain generally is made of canvas or tarpaulin. And the cotton door curtain is used in the winter. It can shelter from the wind and hibernate.


Before making a turn, the gasoline cargo tricycle should slow down. The driver should look back and stretch out the hand. The gasoline cargo tricycle must not suddenly turn. Do not hinder the overtaken vehicle when overtaking. It is necessary to get out of the tricycle when a brake fails through a steep slope or across more than four motor lanes or on the way. Before you get off, the driver should also put out the hand to swing up and down, and do not hinder the vehicle behind.

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