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The driving safety of sports motorcycles

- Apr 18, 2018 -

With regard to sports motorcycle driving, we must always develop the habit of braking at the same time on the front and rear wheels, and we must use proper force to prevent it from being locked. When driving motorcycles pass through intersections, we must observe the situation in advance and look at the two sides of the road. It is possible that a pedestrian or a vehicle may suddenly come out, and the driving route should be kept at a distance from the intersection. In case there is a car coming out, there is a reaction time.


If you are in a bad condition and you drive a motorbike, for example if you feel empty, then you can try to tell yourself that there are 2 cars on the road ahead, 1 car is driving towards this side, no pedestrians, no cars from the opposite side There should be no forks, no dangers, or potential dangers. It should be noted.


When a sports motorcycle is in use, it is also important to pay attention to whether or not the opposite is coming when you change lanes and turn left and right. It is very important that many people do not look behind. Straight turn. To make a left turn, the car is pre-opened to the middle of the road. To make a right turn, the car is first opened to the side of the road. Prevent a sudden turn.


When driving a sports motorcycle, your arms must be relaxed, and you can't force it on the handlebars. This will make the vehicle more flexible. When the motorcycle passenger turns, the body weight should be on the buttocks. Control the car. Overtaking should pay attention to the movement of the car in front, especially at places where there are crossroads. Overtaking the overtaking lights, sounding the horns, and changing the far and near lights at night to remind the driver in front.


When driving a sports motorcycle to cross a car, the eyes should try to look at the road ahead. Even if the other car is in close proximity, don't turn your head to see the other car, so that you will not be able to exchange your car after you finish the car. Out of the way; when driving a motorbike to make a turn, the upper body should pay attention to maintain integrity and tilt the car, so that the turn will be easier, and when the car slips, people will not fall.

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