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The construction of gasoline tricycles and corresponding precautions

- May 07, 2018 -

Gasoline tricycle is actually a kind of bicycle-transformed gasoline-powered vehicle that can carry people and goods. It has become very popular since the 1930s and gradually replaced the status of rickshaws. Gasoline tricycles are divided into two parts: the front and the rear, a steerable wheel, handlebars, bells, brakes, pedals, and seats that drive the rear wheels.


The rear part of the gasoline tricycle is mainly a carriage with a wooden semi-circular shape that can ride two people side by side. A collapsible weather protection canopy is mounted on the carriage and a spring and two wheels are mounted below. Underneath the seat is a wooden box that can be opened to store the driver’s tools. Seats made of cloth and cotton are on the seats, and footrests are underneath. Look at the front of the car two hooks, can be hanging rain curtains, curtains generally made of canvas or tarpaulin, winter cotton curtains will be changed to avoid wind and cold.


Gasoline tricycles use gasoline for start-up, which is more powerful in terms of power; when used practically, the operation noise is small and the service life is relatively long; the speed control system adopts stepless speed regulation, and the structure is simple and easy to operate. Gasoline tricycles are moderately sized and can flexibly travel between narrow roads. This petrol tricycle has a reverse switch, which can easily realize the reverse driving function. This is very practical in alleys and alleys with narrow roads.


The current use of gasoline tricycles will not cause particularly serious pollution during the operation, which is conducive to the protection of the environment. In this regard, the use and drive system have been carefully designed and high-quality parts have been used, which has resulted in a significant reduction in operating costs. The average operating cost is much lower than that of an equivalent car.


When using the gasoline tricycles, it is necessary to take precautions when using it, to slow down before making a turn, to look backwards, to reach out and not to abruptly turn violently; to overtake the vehicle in front of the vehicle, to prevent it from being overtaken; gasoline tricycles are passing When a steep slope, crossing more than four motorized lanes, or a brake in transit is ineffective, it must be taken off the bus. Before you get off, you must stretch your hands and swing to indicate that you are not obstructing the driving of the rear vehicle.

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