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The characteristics of mountain motorcycles with hard tail frame

- Apr 23, 2018 -

If a mountain motorcycle uses a hard tail frame, it will be very labor-saving, lighter, and cheaper when actually riding. And the hard-tailed vehicles used on mountain bikes, as the name suggests, do not have rear shock absorption, but most of them will retain shock-absorbing front forks.


After market research, we will notice that in the past, people would buy hard tail mountain motorcycles. However, with the development of post-shock absorber technology, it is very difficult to decide whether to purchase a hard-tailed mountain bike or a fully-damped mountain bike. Although full-damping mountain bikes have improved a lot, but hard-tail mountain motorcycle technology is also developing. Choosing a hard-tailed mountain bike or a fully-damped mountain bike depends on what you plan to do.


From an experience point of view, the technical requirements of the terrain you plan to cross are higher, and you may need a hard-tailed mountain bike. Hardtail Mountain Motorcycles are ideal for off-highway terrain, one-way streets, and competitions. It is lighter, more durable, and cheaper than a full shock-absorbing mountain bike. Lighter because there are fewer parts on the frame and it is more durable because it has no pivots or rear shock absorbers that require maintenance.


The above-mentioned characteristics of a mountain bike with a hard-tailed frame must also be noticed that this in itself means that it requires less maintenance. In this respect, it also appears to be very useful when it is used. Cheaper, the initial purchase price is also lower. For these reasons, hard-tailed mountain bikes have been the choice of many off-road competitors. Whether you are a novice mountain bike rider or an experienced veteran, hard-tailed framed mountain bikes are great venue race bikes.


In fact, we are here to remind everyone that if we ride a mountain bike with a hard-tailed frame, you will probably agree that it can handle most of the terrain. Commonly used include Giant ATX Pro/XTC FR/Team, Merida TFS/HFS, Trek 8500, Trek Elite 8.9 (8500 upgrade), Specialized S-Works hard rack, pull 200, etc., when actually riding The effect is better.

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