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The brief introduction of the agricultural gasoline tricycle

- Nov 29, 2017 -

As we all know, in our life, especially in the countryside, people usually use agricultural gasoline tricycle to transport. In this way, it is easier to transport crops or fertilizer. With the development of the market, we can see that the types of agricultural gasoline tricycles are becoming more and more abundant, playing an important role in the countryside.


This is because using the agricultural gasoline tricycle to carry out short-distance transport is not only more convenient, but also very flexible, which is conducive to reduce the labor intensity of farmers. The main reason that it can get the approval of the majority of users is that the relative speed is relatively fast. In real life, it can help us save a lot of time. At the same time, it also has the strong flexibility, making the transportation more convenient.


It can be said in the current environment, we can see such agricultural gasoline tricycle at any time, which shows the people's love of the agricultural gasoline tricycle. However, in the long time use, there may be the tricycle galvanized layer rust problem. This is because with the erosion of wear and water, the rust appears. In severe cases, it will also have rusty textures, seriously affect the beauty, and will also affect its service life.


Therefore, we need to take some measures to remove these rust in time, and also to prevent rust. So, how to remove the rust of the agricultural gasoline tricycle? The specific method is: 1. First pour a certain proportion of ammonium acetate into appropriate amount of water. 2. After the dissolution of ammonium acetate, the temperature rise. 3. Scrub the corroded parts with a soft cloth with a little solution, and the rust will slowly disappear. 4. Finally use a dry cloth to wipe off the residual solution.


After treatment, the electroplating of the agricultural gasoline tricycle has restored the original luster. In short, during using the agricultural gasoline tricycle, we need to pay attention to reasonable maintenance of the tricycle to make it more durable.

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