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Sports racing motorcycle introduction

- Dec 20, 2017 -

In fact, sports racing motorcycle will be called sports car. And, as far as its guiding principle of design is for people to use for leisure, at the same time, it is also an interesting means of transport for motor sports racing motorcycles. In this case, To the extent that we can experience the pleasures of our life as an amusement tool.


Motor racing motorcycle principle of work, in general, that is, will be four-stroke engine and two-stroke engine working principle, the first point, that is, should pay attention to intake should be, this time, its intake valve will be Open, the piston down, the mixture of gas and air is absorbed directly into the cylinder. Next, it is necessary to pay attention to after compression, this time the intake and exhaust valves closed at the same time, the piston up, the mixture will be compressed.


Sports racing motorcycle combustion, when the mixer is compressed to a minimum spark plug spark ignited mixture, the combustion pressure generated by pushing the piston down, and that is, will lead to crankshaft rotation. Then, that is, will be carried out in the piston down to the lowest point when its exhaust valve opens, the exhaust emissions, the piston continues to go up that is, the excess exhaust will be discharged.


Two-stroke engine in sports racing motorcycles, which means that the piston moves up and down two strokes, spark plug ignition time. On its two red engine intake process is completely different from the four red engine, its two-stroke engine that is to be careful to go through two compression, the two red engine above, the mixture is to pay attention to be the first flow The crankcase then flows into the cylinder.


Exactly, the sports car motorcycle engine in the time of occurrence, that is, will flow into the combustion chamber, and the four-red engine mixture is directly into the cylinder, the sports car motorcycle engine crankcase will be Used to store oil, on its two-stroke engine because it is used to store the mixture of crankcase gas can not be stored, and on two red engine oil that is, can not be recycled combustion oil.

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