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Sport Racing Motorbike Knowledge

- Apr 25, 2018 -

Sport racing motorbikes will also be called sports cars, road races, racing games, and simulations in China. And the common name for road races/fairballs is a good explanation of what a sports racing motorcycle is: a motorcycle racing replica edition that can legally drive on the road.


About sports racing motorcycle design itself will be oriented to the pursuit of sports performance: the acceleration / extreme speed performance of the racing class, the best braking ability in the production car, and the manipulation and cornering ability at the expense of comfort and practicality. Modern sports racing motorcycles are machines that ordinary people can reach and can afford to be the closest to racing performance. An original Yamaha YZF-R1 and a YZF-R1 car that can be modified to participate in the national-level league are under the control of professional drivers. The performance of the same track lap is only about 2 seconds.


About the first truly modern sport racing motorbike, it will be directly transplanted from the car's full-enveloped shell, aluminum alloy lightweight frame, two-disc four-piston front brake, 18-inch front and rear hub immediately let it receive a wide range of performance The pursuit of fans, and inspired other motorcycle manufacturers to develop similar car replica models.


The main criteria for sports racing motorcycles: first of all to pay attention to this high-performance engine, tuning to high-rotational force output, rather than biased toward low-rotation torque output like street car tuning, the same engine mounted on sports motorcycles and Street cars may be adjusted to completely different engine characteristics; lightweight, sport performance-oriented frames are used; fully enclosed car shells (floating shrouds); low and front-mounted split handlebars; Tilting, sports riding posture, prone to fatigue when riding for a long time.


Most of today's entry-level sport racing motorbikes do not meet the requirements of sporty motorcycles, and their engine tuning will also favor low-revolutionary torque output and fuel economy, and often will not undergo any training with the same brand of street cars. Sharing engine. In addition to the engine, modern entry-level sports racing motorcycles are not too different from the same level of street cars in the frame design and riding posture. They can be considered as an entry door for a full set of car shells. Grade street car.

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