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Small Secrets of EV batteries

- May 10, 2017 -

Electric cars as a major means of transportation, we are in the selection of the time will think twice, most of our electric car consumers are pinning the production and sales of electric vehicles to give three packs of enterprises, this is understandable! But there are big secrets hidden inside the batteries!

①: Three packs of batteries for one years, on the surface seems to be beneficial to consumers, but three packs of cards clearly marked the first half of the year to change the new, after half-year maintenance batteries!

②: Batteries in the first half of the three packs of the basic will not be bad, once destroyed the basic are six months later!

③: The destruction of batteries, the overwhelming majority are filled with bad, production enterprises only to maintain the main!

¢ ü Charger Production Enterprises in order to minimize costs and reduce returns, but also by the technical limitations, would rather be filled with bad batteries, of course, if the battery charge bad, that is the battery ' quality ' problem!

The three major interests of the contest, ultimately injured or consumers, currently can be filled with and do not hurt batteries and can automatically power off the charger market less! (This is also a problem that needs to be solved now)

We exist in the charging misunderstanding: many people think that the charger light on the power off, in fact, the charger green light is only represented from the large current into the small current float state. No floating charge, batteries can not be filled, but because this "trickle" more than a long time will allow the battery of the electrolyte volatile, electrolytic, causing dehydration, resulting in heating up to the drum up to scrap, which makes the battery life shortened quickly, more consumer damage!

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