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Small Displacement Motorcycles Characteristics and Basic Composition

- Aug 25, 2017 -

Small displacement motorcycles in the production process is mainly by the transmission system, steering, walking system, brake system, engine and electrical instrument equipment five parts, small displacement motorcycles engine for the two-stroke or four-stroke gasoline engine.

Small displacement motorcycles in the use of the main use of its air-cooled, in the use of natural air-cooled and forced air-cooled two, the general model will rely on the air running through the cylinder head, the cylinder sleeve on the heat Piece of heat to take away the natural cooling of the air, the high-power motorcycle engine in order to ensure low speed and not before the start of the engine cooling.

Small displacement motorcycles

Small displacement motorcycles in the use of the engine when the high speed, the equipment of the power rise, so that will explain to a certain extent, the degree of strengthening of the motorcycle engine, the engine size small engine crankcase and clutch, gearbox design , Compact structure.

Small displacement motorcycles body is mainly composed of cylinder head, cylinder block and crankcase three parts, the equipment in the cylinder head is mainly made of aluminum alloy heat sink, the new four-stroke motorcycle engine are used to install the valve, Chain drive, overhead camshaft structure.

Small displacement motorcycles cylinder block in the production, the material is mainly bimetallic as much, so that you can get a better degree of heat dissipation effect, the engine engine with aluminum alloy cylinder wall 0.15 mm hard The structure of the chrome layer. Crankcase made of aluminum alloy die-casting by the combination of left and right boxes. Some motorcycles add buffer blocks between the heatsinks to suppress the noise emitted by the heatsink vibration.

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