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Small displacement motorcycle vehicle inspection and adjustment

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Small displacement motorcycle vehicle inspection, the first point, then it should be noted that the appearance should be checked, the vehicle parts should be relatively intact, there is no missing parts, the paint layer, chrome layer, plating Zinc pieces in terms of gloss should be bright or no scratches off. Small displacement motorcycle should be noted that there is a product certification or product manual, and that is, will be packed in accordance with the acceptance of truck spare parts and tools.


In the inspection of small displacement motorcycles, pay attention to start the inspection, under normal temperature conditions, the cold start is not more than three times, the hot car should be a successful start of the foot. On its engine operation is to pay attention should be there should be no abnormal and percussive sound, more stable operation at idle, we should pay attention to see the phenomenon of leakage of gasoline or oil.


Small displacement motorcycle parts inspection and adjustment, when it comes to the front wheel brake that will be manipulated by the right hand, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to check its free travel. It is precisely because of this, on its free time, that is, from the beginning of the handle to start braking action until this period of it.


Rear-wheel brake on small displacement motorcycles. The brake on the rear wheel that will be operated by the foot, first of all, that is to be careful to check the free travel of its brake pedal. The clutch is generally left-handed operation, when adjusted, that is, to pay attention to check its free travel.


Finally, the small displacement motorcycle rear drive adjustment, which is to be careful to check the tightness of the drive chain (drive belt), check the location of the front and rear sprockets (pulley) between the middle position, Dial the chain with your fingers up and down to see the distance up and down movement, in fact, small displacement motorcycle is 10 to 20 mm, that is, ordinary motorcycles 20 to 30 mm.

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