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Regulations and precautions on the management of heavy loading gasoline tricycle

- Sep 20, 2017 -

Heavy loading gasoline tricycle driving its personnel in the process of operation must wear a tooling wearing a sign, need to dress neatly, the driver in the post before the need to go through its rigorous training, an effective understanding of its heavy-duty gasoline tricycle performance characteristics, And master the operation method and operation skills, get the relevant management personnel approval, before the car operation.

Heavy loading gasoline tricycle in the absence of its professional training staff is not allowed to drive tricycles, and its drivers must be familiar with and strictly enforce the safe operating procedures and other rules and regulations, the driver is obliged to keep the tricycle look clean and clean The Love the use of various switches, parts integrity.

Heavy loading gasoline tricycle before work, you need to effectively check the vehicle power indicator instrument work power is normal, the instrument using the normal and effective check its braking system and tire pressure is normal, in the firm foot after the brakes, Gate, can start the vehicle.

Heavy loading gasoline tricycle used to clean the vehicle in time to keep the car capacity, often check the fastening screws, no loose screws. The vehicle maintains a good working condition, reducing faults and accidents. When the battery indicates loss of power, charge it in time. Extend the service life of the vehicle.

Heavy loading gasoline tricycle after the end of the work, effectively wait until the vehicle stopped at the designated location after the key, foot brake pull the manual brake, motor tricycle without water features, water can not wet the motor and electrical parts. Rain and snow weather attention to the road area of water, slow down.

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