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Regulations and Operational Requirements for Moped Scooter for Girls

- May 21, 2018 -

In the process of installation, the moped scooter for girls must have its handlebars, frame, and forks firmly and reliably. When it is running, the handlebars of the mopeds must be rotated flexibly. During the use of the mopeds, there should be no jamming, looseness, and running. Bias phenomenon. Headlights, taillights, turn signals, rear number lights, brake lights, rearview mirrors, number plate mounting brackets, and speedometers must be fully equipped. The volume and tone of the sounder should be appropriate.

The front and rear wheels of the moped scooter for girls must be effectively installed with its brakes. During operation, it is necessary to drive at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour on dry and flat cement roads and asphalt, and the front and rear brakes are used simultaneously. The distance must not exceed four meters. Exhaust pollution and noise must not exceed national standards.

Rules for the Management of Moped Scooter for Girls

1. When a girl scooter is in use, no unit or individual is allowed to assemble a moped, nor can a bicycle be used to modify a moped during use.

2. A moped scooter for girls must apply for a scooter. He must go through the formalities with the local public security organ on the basis of the moped certificate, the purchase certificate, the third party liability insurance certificate and the unit certificate. After passing the inspection, the motorcycle license plate and driving license will be issued. The number plate is on both sides of each vehicle and is suspended from the front and rear of the vehicle body. The driving permit must be carried with you.

3. For mopeds with license plates and driving licenses, inspections are conducted every two years. If they are not qualified, they are prohibited from continuing.

Under normal circumstances, people who drive mopeds must, to a certain extent, have to reach the age of 16 years. When they are operating, their height needs to be more than 1.45 meters. Both eyesight (or after correction) are More than zero point seven, no blindness, no blindness, normal hearing, no illness or physical defects that impede safe driving. After the physical examination of the hospital and the examination of the public security organs' traffic rules and driving techniques, the license for a scooter was issued. The headlamps are important safety components for motorcycles. In order to ensure that the vehicles have sufficient illumination and that they do not interfere with the anti-glare performance of other traffic participants, they have requirements such as luminous intensity and light distribution performance.

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