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Precautions when riding a 48V electric scooter

- Apr 13, 2018 -

After entering the people's life, the automatic electric scooter has become a common and practical means of transportation, of which 48V electric scooter is more common, because it has the advantages of light weight, safety, flexibility, so many parents will use it Bring your child.


At this time, it should be noted that although the speed of the 48V electric scooter will not be very fast, it is also necessary to take care not to drive too fast and brake suddenly. If the speed of the car is faster, it may be easy for the child to hit the face in case of emergency braking in case of an emergency. It may also result in the fall of both adults and children due to sudden braking.


Secondly, when using a 48V electric scooter to ride a child, it must be allowed to sit properly. Especially if the child sitting behind is unable to sit comfortably, it is easy to fall. In the process of driving, if the speed is very fast, it can easily cause the child to fall or bruise in the eyes.


Protect the wheels of the 48V electric scooter as much as possible to prevent the child's feet from inadvertently sticking into it and bruising or bruising. Especially when the speed is relatively fast, there are no protective facilities and the potential hazards are great.


If the child is standing on the foot pedal in front of the 48V electric scooter, the parents may not ride smoothly and the possibility of a fall is increased. Therefore, do not do this as much as possible, and do not put a seat on the 48V electric scooter pedal. This is very dangerous.


Another point is that when people are riding a 48V electric scooter, don't wear a long scarf, and it is also possible to wrap the scarf around the wheel and cause it to fall. In short, we must put safety first.

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