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Pay attention to safety! Three details of riding electric car in rainy days

- May 10, 2017 -

Summer rains frequent, rainy days riding electric cars should pay attention to three details to ensure that riding safety.

Don't Wade easily
Electric cars, controllers, batteries and other important components are generally waterproof, normally, even if the rain is wet, it does not matter, but this does not mean that electric cars can be freely in the water through. If you encounter a serious water place do not rush, or should try to bypass. If you must go through, you should try to choose some shallow water, the water depth is better than half the wheel, because the electric motor is generally located in the middle of the wheel wheel heart. Once the motor is damp or water, it is very likely to trigger the horn does not sound, brake malfunction, the controller is not normal work and a series of problems.

Dry in time after rain
Summer rainy, electric cars in the open storage, it is best to take the battery down and put in the indoor. When the electric car is in the rain, do not rush into the battery power supply, which can trigger a short-circuit situation. After the heavy rain, the electric car can be placed in the ventilated place to dry. Before the battery is powered up, the battery and the connection socket should be cleaned with a rag or paper towel to avoid the electricity situation.

Chain coup to rust
Electric car chain If after the rain rust, can first clean the kitchen with the detergent will wipe off the rust, and then use diesel wash, this can easily rust. In addition, you can buy some castor seeds, stripping the shell, with a fine flannel and other bags smashed, use it to rub electric cars, can make the wheel circle, spokes bright and smooth, but also can play a certain rust role.

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