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Off Road Racing Motorcycle

- Aug 28, 2017 -

Off road racing motorcycle in the process of driving very attention to its high-speed performance, take this motorcycle, the rider can fully feel the engine, tires and road changes when the pleasure and pleasure, off road racing motorcycle engine crankshaft combination Type, mainly by the left half crankshaft, the right half crankshaft and crank pin made of pressure, left and right shafts on the main journal is equipped with ball bearings, used to support the crankshaft crankcase.

Off road racing motorcycle

Off road racing motorcycle connecting rod for the overall structure, the bulk of the ring-shaped, its internal will be equipped with needle roller bearings and crank pin into a crank connecting rod group, in the two-stroke engine piston ring in the installation should pay attention to Piston ring at the opening of the piston ring groove in the alignment pin, to prevent the piston ring in the ring groove rotation, resulting in leakage, scratch the cylinder into the inlet and outlet.

Carburetor is a very important part of the off road racing motorcycle fuel supply system, mainly located between the air filter and the engine air intake, the general motorcycle engine are used to enter the air flow direction for the suction, throttle Plunger type, float chamber carburetor.

Off road racing motorcycle carburetor structure of the carburetor mainly by the float chamber and mixing room composed of two major parts, a tubing through the throttle switch through the fuel tank, through the float on the needle valve to keep the float a certain height of the oil, so that the oil pressure stability.

Off road racing motorcycle mixing room is the main role is to effectively evaporate the gasoline and air mixing, which will make the engine in a variety of load and speed can get the required mixture, mainly by the injection needle, spray Tubing, festival valve and oil and other components.

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