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Off-road motorcycle

- Jul 31, 2017 -

Off-road motorcycles are known as their non-road two-wheeled motorcycles, this kind of motorcycle movement or all-terrain car racing held in the off-road line used in the motorcycle models, off-road motorcycle was first from the United Kingdom.
Off-road motorcycles in the course of the operation is mainly driven by the gasoline engine, mainly by its hand will manipulate the front wheel to the two wheels or tricycles, equipment in the use of the process is very light and flexible, the entire equipment running speed is very Fast
Off-road motorcycle four-stroke engine is used in a wide range, that is, to a certain extent, it can explain the piston to do four reciprocating motion, so the cylinder will point a fire, the equipment in the intake, the intake valve Open, the piston down, the mixture of gasoline and air is sucked into the cylinder.
When the mixer of the off-road motorbike is compressed to a minimum, the spark plug flashes the ignition gas so that it can effectively produce its pressure during the combustion process to push the piston down and drive the crankshaft to rotate. When the piston descends to the lowest point, the exhaust valve opens, Exhaust gas discharge, the piston continues to discharge the excess exhaust.
Off-road motorcycle its two-stroke engine is mainly refers to the piston up and down two strokes, the spark plug ignition time, so that the two red engine intake process is completely different from the four-punch engine, two-stroke engine to go through two compression, so that the engine, The mixture first flows into the crankcase and then effectively flows into the cylinder.

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