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Mountain sport motorcycles production process and composition requirements

- May 16, 2018 -

The primary deceleration of the Mountain sport motorcycles during the operation is mainly composed of a driven sprocket mounted on the crankshaft end, a driven sprocket on the clutch, and a sleeve roller chain in a certain degree. A speed reduction and transmission of engine power to the clutch.

Mountain sports motorcycles mainly use their friction clutch assemblies to dip in the oil during the operation. To a certain extent, they can be divided into active, driven and separated parts. The power of the equipment passes through its sprocket-type gear transmission active cover, the periphery of the cover is grooved, and the fifth sign is embedded with a friction sheet (active sheet) of rubber cork friction material, and the outer edge bumps are placed in the groove of the active cover. One by one rotates with the active part of the clutch.

During the production of the four pieces of steel in the mountain sports motorcycle, the follower plate will effectively form the driven part through the internal teeth and the follower fixed basin. The main and follower plates are staggered and installed. The fixed pots are connected to the transmission main shaft by internal splines. The four clutch springs on the gland cover press the friction plates and follower plates to transmit power to the transmission.

The clutch of the Mountain sport motorcycles is of the normally-engaged type. When the clutch handle is tightly held during the operation, the steel cable is effectively passed through the steel cable so that the screw sleeve rotates in the left cover, and the adjusting screw in the screw sleeve moves rightward. Pushing the push rod and the gland to separate, the spring pressure disappears, and the friction sign separates from the follower.

Mountain sports motorcycles can effectively control the separation and engagement of their clutches according to the rotational speed of their engines. When used, their clutches are mainly composed of active, driven and disengaged joints. The active part consists of the clutch cover, thrust plates, and clutch plates.

Mountain sport motorcycles driven part consists of friction plates, center sleeves and other components. When the engine is running, as the rotation speed increases, the centrifugal force generated by the steel ball also increases, and its axial component force moves outward along the groove in the clutch cover against the tension of the separating spring, compressing the thrust piece tightly. Pressing the clutch plate and the frictional clutch make the clutch engaged and output power.

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