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Mountain Motorcycles On The Use of Carburetor What Are The Requirements

- Aug 12, 2017 -

Carburetor is a very important part of the fuel supply system when the mountain motorcycles is running. It is mainly located between the engine and the air filter inlet. Under normal circumstances, the mountain motorcycles is mainly used in the direction of the air flow , Throttle valve for the plunger, float chamber carburetor.

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Carburetor in the use of the main room by the mixing room and the two parts of the float chamber, which is located in the bottom of the carburetor, mountain motorcycles tubing through the throttle switch tank, effectively through the float on the needle valve, effective To maintain its float a certain degree of oil in the room, so that it will make the oil supply pressure becomes stable.

The role of the mountain motorcycles mixing room is mainly to effectively evaporate the gasoline and air mixing, which will make its engine in a variety of load and speed can get the required mixture, in the course of the use of the main Fuel injection needle, gas, oil, Festival valve, fuel injection pipe and other components.

Mountain motorcycles handle in the process of rotation will be effective to promote the throttle wire rope control valve and fuel injection needle up and down movement, in use can effectively change its intake pipe section and fuel supply, so Can adapt to its different speed requirements.

Mountain motorcycles need to be equipped with idling adjustment screw on the side of the carburetor to adjust the idle speed, idle stop screw to prevent the throttle valve rotation and adjust the minimum opening of the valve. At the top of the throttle, there is a return spring that closes the throttle when the throttle does not rotate.

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