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Motor Scooters Use and Maintain

- Aug 11, 2017 -

On the motor scooters, the following will be to explain the specific aspects of the use of this is the maintenance of this one, because this is also an important aspect of the motor scooters, so it is necessary to carry out so that we have a correct understanding , Can come smoothly to carry out this work, so as to get good results, so that can also guarantee the life of motor scooters.

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Motor scooters.jpgMotor scooters.jpg

The use of motor scooters maintenance, and its specific work content and requirements, mainly for the following, is:
(1) the height of the saddle and the handlebar on the motor scooters can be adjusted appropriately, so the driver can adjust to the safe and comfortable position according to their own situation, at least, during the ride, Feet can be ground at the same time.

(2) Brakes on motor scooters are necessary to be tested first in order to check whether they are reliable. And, after the test brake, to see if the power is cut off, and whether the motor has stopped working.

(3) the motor scooters in the electricity, should be checked at any time, the general through the display, you can view the power situation, the current is sufficient, whether the need for charging and so on. If it is used for a long time after the shelter, then, this work is particularly important, can not be ignored, so as to avoid problems in the use of the process.

(4) Motor scooters in the rotating parts, such as the front and rear wheels, pedal, crank, sprocket, chain and flywheel, etc., but also to focus on inspection, mainly to see whether the operation is normal, and whether the foreign body or rubbing , Some words should be promptly resolved.

(5) When the motor scooters uphill, on the bridge and the wind when driving, should be electric and manpower at the same time, this can reduce the motor load. In addition, it should be noted that the motor scooters can not be frequent zero start, so as not to affect the battery life, and affect the use of the vehicle performance.

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