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Motor scooters maintenance measures and accessories development

- May 02, 2018 -

Motor scooter is a kind of vehicle between motorcycle and car. It is a kind of popular transportation. Sometimes people also transliteration of it into Sukkoda. Motorcycle scooters are called “cars” in Taiwan. Correspondingly, “cars” refer to cruising cars, off-road vehicles, sports cars, etc., while Hong Kong and other Cantonese-speaking areas are accustomed to call them sheep. Motorcycle scooters come in many forms depending on the form and use.


Motor scooters maintenance:


Motorcycle scooter maintenance should pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions for maintenance. The more common, that is, to pay attention to should be regularly to replace the oil (usually 1000 km), gear oil (5000 km), cleaning or replace the air filter (5000 km), check the brakes regularly, or to replace the brakes Sheets, regular replacement of spark plugs, regular check of battery capacity, etc.


During the operation of the motor scooters, it is necessary to pay attention to this in the morning after the start of warm-up for three minutes, when driving should not suddenly increase the throttle, we must make a smooth transition. Do not use slow brakes to slow down. The scooter is also infinitely variable, so downhill can fully relax the throttle to allow the engine to run at idle speed. Rinse as little as possible, pay attention to harness when flushing, otherwise it will not start with damp short circuit. Do not rinse without cooling.


Motorcycle Scooter Accessories Market Development:


With the development of the motor scooters and the moped market, it is necessary to pay attention to the scooter afterwards. The accessories market for the moped has also achieved considerable development, such as the appearance of the moped, mp3 scooter, and mp3 motorcycle mp3, becoming its accessories for the 21st century. The landmark time of market development.


After that, when it comes to the development of motor scooters, it is also necessary to note that the development direction of intelligent humanization must also be a core part of future product improvement. The category of mp3s on such motorcycle scooter accessories is actually the organic combination of the traditional electromechanical industry and the electronics industry. Product examples are also guaranteed.

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