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Motocross driving skills sharing

- Dec 22, 2017 -

In fact, trying to master the driving skills of a sport motocross requires more than just a suitable practice area, but also the use of suitable gear to avoid danger. We should know that in fact, when riding a motocross motorcycle, we are likely to encounter various road conditions in the field, including bumpy roads, slippery road sections, ascending slopes and downhill slopes.


When riding a motocross motorcycle, the most important thing is whether the posture is correct. There are usually two types of riding positions, one is sitting posture and the other is standing posture. In comparison, when riding in a straight line or slippery road, the first posture is more labor-saving. And to a strong bumpy road or rocky pavement, the need to take a squat position. At this point, the driver's upper body relaxed, the use of leg power tightly grip the sides of the body, buttocks from the seat, legs properly natural bending.


This posture not only can reduce the discomfort caused by road bumpy, but also help to strengthen the control of sports motocross. In the wet section when driving, but also need to pay attention to control the vehicle's center of gravity, and to a reasonable choice of gear and throttle opening, so as to avoid skidding due to operational errors.


In the wild riding a motocross motorcycle process, will naturally encounter uphill and downhill. On the ascent, the driver should push the body forward to move the center of gravity forward so that the front wheels are not lifted. At the same time, pay attention to controlling the throttle and clutch so as to ensure sufficient power and to avoid slipping the rear wheel.


In the downhill, you need to properly reduce the speed of sports motocross, and should arm straight, the body slightly backwards, while the waist back. This deceleration is mainly after the brake-based, supplemented by the front brake, in order to prevent the brake lock lead to rollover.

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