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Maintenance of electric tricycles

- Aug 14, 2017 -

(1) Electric tricycles ride should check whether the battery box is locked, the display panel lights show whether the normal.
(2) Rainy day driving in the water pavement, the water depth does not exceed the normal direction of the electric wheel center, such as the road area of water depth over the center of the electric wheel, the electric wheel may cause water leakage caused by failure.
(3) Electric tricycles should be avoided on the air humid, high temperature and corrosive gases in the place, so as not to metal parts of the surface of the electroplating paint chemical corrosion.
(4) Should avoid the electric tricycles long sun exposure and rain, so as not to damage the components within the controller, resulting in operational failure, an accident.
(5) Electrical control part of the complex structure, the user should not be disassembly, repair. If the local charging voltage is unstable, easy to make charger fuse fuse, it is recommended to use AC voltage regulator.
(6) Electric tricycles in the back feeling heavier, and forward the wheel will have a slight friction sound is a normal phenomenon.
(7) Riding should not be overloaded, should not place heavy items and bring people, so as not to damage the battery and motor.
(8) The lubrication of electric tricycles is an important part of maintenance. According to the use situation, we should scrub and lubricate the parts of the front axle, rear axle, axle, flywheel, fork, Recommend the use of molybdenum disulfide grease). The transmission parts in the electric hub have been coated with special lubricants, and the user does not have to scrub and lubricate themselves. Found that there are abnormal circumstances, to the company's special maintenance point for maintenance.

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