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Ladies Electric Scooter Riding Requirements and Drive The Way

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Ladies electric scooter in the use of the need to adjust the height of the saddle and handlebar, it will make it in the safest and most comfortable position, especially the height of the saddle, ladies electric scooter is best in the process of riding Need to stop when the feet can be both feet at the same time the ground.

Ladies electric scooter in the power supply, you need to effectively view the display of the power situation, especially after long-term use, it is very important, the equipment needs to effectively check the lights, electric horn and other driving safety components are valid, so Can guarantee its safe driving.

Ladies electric scooter in the first ride to comply with road traffic rules, the equipment should be driving in the slow lane on the ride, do not ride in the fast lane. When the traffic is crowded to turn off the door, man riding. Turn slow down the speed, avoid high-speed driving, a small angle sharp turn.

Ladies electric scooter

Ladies electric scooter in the uphill, on the bridge and the inverse wind when riding, should be used at the same time electricity and manpower, which can to some extent reduce the battery and motor load, the general electric bicycles have zero start function, that is, Door, turn the speed switch car can start driving.

Ladies electric scooter drive the main way wheel hub drive, in the home-type drive and hanging drive in the market, its ladies electric scooter is mainly driven by the hub, the battery placement, from the vehicle balance and easy access to consider, To the battery placed in the frame inclined tube or riser position as well, the configuration of the battery is basically affordable lead-acid batteries.

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