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How long is the general life of electric vehicles?

- May 10, 2017 -

Electric vehicles generally service life is 3-5 years, electric bicycle batteries for 1 years-1.5 years change.

Electric vehicles are generally used as lead-acid batteries, the battery has the advantages of low cost, recyclable use and so on, and most of the electric vehicle production enterprises adopted. Ordinary electric vehicles use batteries are guaranteed one years (and this year the first 8 months if a quality problem for new batteries, after 4 months for maintenance of batteries, so EV batteries according to the daily use of the battery capacity of 70%, cycle is one years, after one years, not the battery is not used, but the battery capacity is getting smaller, until exhausted!

However, if you use properly, often charging, so that the batteries are often in a saturated state, in use, as far as possible without a person driving, meet the slope of the road to the implementation, driving as far as possible to avoid more braking, more start-up. In other words, you follow the above points, the use of the battery life will be greatly increased, may be two years, may also be longer time.

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