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Gasoline cargo motor tricycle driver operation requirements

- Dec 26, 2017 -

In order to ensure traffic safety, drivers must undergo rigorous training before operating gasoline cargo motor tricycle, and familiarize themselves with the performance characteristics of gasoline-powered motor tricycles and be familiar with operating methods and operating skills. To be approved by the relevant management personnel before they can board the operation. Unmanned trainers may not drive the tricycle without authorization.


During driving, drivers must be familiar with and strictly enforce all safe operating rules and other regulations concerning gasoline cargo motor tricycle. During everyday use, it is best to keep the appearance of the tricycle clean and tidy. Care for all kinds of switches, to ensure the integrity of the components. Before driving, you also need to pay attention to check the power indicator of the vehicle working power supply is normal, the instrument used properly, check the brake system, the tire pressure is normal.


After checking to make sure everything is normal, you should first set foot on the seat of gasoline-powered motor tricycle and brake it, and then lower the hand brake to start the vehicle. After use should be promptly cleaned, keep beautiful and clean. In addition, during daily use, also need to pay attention to check the fastening screws, not loose screws.


After use, should be installed to operate the gasoline cargo motor tricycle parked well, and remove the car keys, foot brake brakes pulled up. During rainy and snowy weather, care should be taken to slow down. In addition, during routine storage, do not expose the vehicle to sun and rain for long periods of time in case of damage to the controller, resulting in malfunctions and accidents.


At the same time in the petrol cargo motor tricycle driving also pay more attention to safety, after the start of the vehicle, should be kept at a slow speed, and pay attention to observe the vehicle running status. Confirm the normal operation of petrol motorized tricycle in normal operation.

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