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Four stroke principles of the new sport motorbike in motion

- Oct 13, 2017 -

The new sport motorbike is an improved product based on the traditional motorbike. When it is running, the four-stroke gasoline engine finishes a working cycle in the intake stroke, compression stroke, work stroke and exhaust stroke. So, let's have a simple understanding of the new sports motorbike working principle.

For the intake stroke of a new sports motorbike, the piston moves from TDC to BDC. When the intake valve opens, the exhaust valve closes and the crankshaft rotates 180°. As the piston continues to move, the volume of the cylinder in the new sports motorbike increases gradually, thus forming a certain vacuum, so that the mixture of air and gasoline is sucked into the cylinder through the intake valve and further mixes and  forms a fuel mixture in the cylinder.

Due to the resistance of the intake system of the new sport motorbike, the heating of the intake-tube, cylinder wall, piston crown, valve and chamber wall and the mixture with the residual exhaust gas makes the temperature rise to 340 ~ 400 k.

While the new sport motorbike enters the compression stroke, the inlet and exhaust valve are closed at the same time. The piston moves from BDC to TDC, and the crankshaft rotates 180°. When the piston is continuously up, the working volume of the cylinder decreases gradually. The pressure and temperature rise continuously after the mixture is compressed, reaching the end point of the compression.

When the piston is close to TDC, the spark plug ignites the fuel mixture, which releases a large amount of heat energy and increases the pressure and temperature of the gas in the cylinder. When the high temperature and high pressure gas pushes the piston to move from TDC to BDC, the mechanical energy is output by the crank and connecting rod mechanism.

There is also an exhaust stroke in the movement of the new sport motorbike. when the intake valve is closed due to the opening of the exhaust valve, the piston moves from BDC to TDC, and the crankshaft rotates 180. When the exhaust valve is opened, the burnt exhaust gas is discharged out of the cylinder under the internal and external pressure of the cylinder. On the other hand, the exhaust gas is discharged out of cylinder through the exclusion of the piston.


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