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EV Batteries how much difference in winter and summer

- May 10, 2017 -

People riding electric cars will have such a feeling, in the winter riding an electric car will find the continuation of the decline in mileage, this is because of the arrival of winter, the temperature drops, the battery energy play has a certain impact.

1, timely charging
At present, the use of electric vehicles is lead-acid batteries, the best operating environment of the battery temperature in 15 ℃-40 ℃. Lower than this temperature, the battery storage power will be reduced. The lower the temperature, the more obvious the electricity decline, due to the low temperature in winter, so the driving distance of electric vehicles will also reduce, until the temperature rebound, this phenomenon will be restored. In order to ensure the normal use of electric vehicles, the simplest way is the user to recharge promptly.

2, avoid instantaneous high current discharge
In the winter electric car start or uphill, should be artificial help, avoid instantaneous large current discharge. In addition, the electric car is idle, the batteries should be sufficiently stored in case the loss of electricity, the longer the loss of battery damage, the more serious electric vehicles in the use of batteries, the battery charge, do not fully use the battery after charging.

3, winter battery storage
If the vehicle in the open-air or cold storage for several weeks, should remove the batteries, stored in a warmer room to prevent the battery icing damage, should not be in the state of the loss of electricity. If not long, the monthly charge of electricity.

4. Battery cleaning
Cleaning the wiring column of the batteries, and the protection of the special grease is also important, this can ensure that the electric vehicle start-up is reliable, prolong the battery life.

5, equipped with special charger
When charging, use a special charger for matching. Because the battery formula and craft different, the technical requirements of the charger is not the same, which kind of charger rechargeable batteries can be full of brands, are not the same, so do not mix the charger.

6, not excessive charging
Electric vehicle batteries can not be excessive charging, "overcharge" will lead to battery damage. Electric vehicle batteries if full of electricity for a long time without stopping, charging current will continuously enter the battery, voltage will continue to increase, the result of the voltage rise will aggravate the electrolyte heat reaction, light battery shell will deform (swelling), heavy, the battery can not be damaged.

The most ideal charging requirements according to the actual situation, to refer to the normal operating frequency, mileage situation, the battery factory to provide instructions, as well as matching charger performance parameters to formulate charging frequency.

When choosing batteries, try to choose high-quality, good-mouth brand batteries, such as Asahi Battery. Good brand battery quality is very good, service is better, sales, customer service, technical support, maintenance and other aspects of construction is very perfect, can provide consumers with better after-sales service.

Seven points rely on quality, three-cent maintenance, and then good products in the use of the process, if you neglect the maintenance of the link, will also produce some failures, if you pay attention to day-to-day maintenance, correct use, that will give you life and work to bring convenience.

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