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Electric tricycles design criteria and maintenance

- May 04, 2018 -

First of all, the body of an electric tricycles should pay attention to the scientific design based on ergonomics, material mechanics, and aesthetic principles. Afterwards, the controller design of electric tricycles will mainly incorporate analog and digital technologies. As well as fuzzy technology; new high-quality motors are also commonly used in electric tricycles.


The frame of the electric tricycle is made of aluminum alloy material, light; in the design of speed limit, we must also pay attention to strictly comply with the national electric bicycle standards, the maximum speed can not exceed 20 kilometers per hour; with the electric tricycle shape More and more fire today, the battery is also the same innovation, and generally will also use lithium-ion batteries.


When using electric tricycles, pay attention to the use of human power, that is, after people ride at a speed for a period of time, then they will be automatically converted into electricity to carry out the continuation; after that, we must also pay attention to this, electric tricycles are in progress When used, this is a soft start. With regard to the above guidelines, it must be observed.


When the new electric tricycle arrives, it is necessary to pay attention to the physical examination work. In order to ensure the normal operation of the electric tricycle, take a look at whether the various fasteners and lubrication bearings are loose, whether the transmission components are flexible, whether the brake lines are fastened, and whether the brake pads are fastened. Into the oil and so on. When charging the electric vehicle, do not cover anything on the charger and place it in a ventilated place.


The main task of daily maintenance of electric tricycles is to check every time before using electric cars. The more common is that we should pay attention to check whether the condition of the electric tricycle is good, whether the whole vehicle has abnormal noise, whether the screws will loosen and whether the battery can be fully charged. At the same time, the electric tires of electric tricycles should be properly inflated, otherwise the riding comfort and service life will be affected.

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