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Electric power conversion and operation process of street electric motorcycle

- May 09, 2018 -

In the process of operation, street electric motorcycles are a kind of electric vehicles. When they are used, they are mainly driven by batteries to drive the motor. When they are used, their electric drive and control systems are mainly driven by motors and motors. Speed control device and power supply and other components.

In the process of operation, street electric motorcycles and other devices are basically the same as the internal combustion engine. The composition of street electric motorcycles, including driving force transmission and other mechanical systems as well as electric drive and control systems, can effectively accomplish their intended purpose to some extent. The mission's working device, electric drive and control system are the core of the electric car, and are also different from the biggest differences in the use of the internal combustion engine to drive the car.

Street electric motorcycles are mainly electric powered motorcycles. Divided into electric two-wheeled motorcycles and electric three-wheeled motorcycles.

1. Electric two-wheeled motorcycle: A two-wheeled motorbike that is driven by electricity and has a maximum design speed of more than 50km/h.

2. Electric three-wheeled motorcycle: A three-wheeled motorcycle that is driven by electricity and has a maximum design speed of more than 50km/h and a full vehicle mass of no more than 400kg.

Lightweight street electric motorcycle

In the process of operation, the portable street electric motorcycle is mainly a light-powered motorcycle driven by electricity and can be divided into electric two-wheeled and three-wheeled mopeds during operation.

1. The maximum design speed is greater than 20km/h and not greater than 50km/h.

2. The total vehicle preparation quality is greater than 40kg and the maximum design speed is not more than 50km/h.

The electric power source of the street electric motorcycle provides electric energy for the electric motor drive motor of the electric motorcycle. During the operation, the electric motor can effectively convert the electric energy of its power source into mechanical energy, and can effectively pass through the transmission device or be directly used during use. Drive wheels and work devices.

Today, the most widely used power supply for electric vehicles is lead-acid batteries. However, with the development of electric vehicle technologies, lead-acid batteries have gradually been replaced by other batteries due to their lower specific energy, slower charging speed and shorter life span. The application of new power sources is being developed, which opens up broad prospects for the development of electric vehicles.

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