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Electric pedal scooter motor and battery configuration

- Apr 11, 2018 -

Electric pedal scooters are another kind of products in addition to electric bicycles in electric vehicles. They are located between bicycles and motorcycles and use batteries as a power source. Generally, the speed of the electric scooters reaches 20 kilometers or more. As a green environmental protection vehicle, the electric scooters are characterized by convenient and labor saving, low noise, no pollution, and low price, and are adapted to people's needs.


For electric scooters, the internal components of the electric pedal scooters are its batteries and motors. At present, domestic electric scooters use mostly lead-acid batteries. The battery models are mainly divided into 36V12AH, 48V12AH, 36V14AH, 48V14AH, 36V17AH, 48V17AH. , 36V20AH, 48V20AH and other specifications.


This kind of battery has a low cost. It is not necessary to add acid and water for maintenance during use. The battery has a sealed structure that does not leak acid and does not emit acid mist. In the process of use, only the chemical energy is continuously converted into electrical energy, the electrical energy is converted into chemical energy, and the cycle is repeated. It is "zero emission" to the external environment and will not cause pollution to the environment. Not only that, after the lead-acid batteries used in electric scooter are used lead scraps can also be recycled.


The electric pedal scooter motor uses a brushless DC motor type. This kind of high-tech permanent magnet brushless DC motor has no brush and no transmission gear, and there is no mechanical abrasion of the brush. Therefore, it has no interference, long life, high efficiency, reliable operation, and simple maintenance.


The biggest advantage of such an electric scooter is that it basically eliminates brush wear, does not require the replacement of brushes at the time of expiration, and the noise is very small, so it will also be commonly used. The design of other aspects of the electric scooter is also based on actual requirements, in line with people's use.

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