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Electric Cargo Tricycle Use Requirements

- Aug 24, 2017 -

Electric cargo tricycle before riding should check whether the battery box is locked in the use of effective display panel display are normal, electric tricycle rainy day driving in the water pavement, the water depth does not exceed the electric wheel The case of normal driving, such as the road area of water depth over the center of the electric wheel, the electric wheel may cause water leakage caused by failure.

Electric cargo tricycle placed in the process should be placed in the air humid, high temperature and corrosive gases in the place, so to a certain extent, to avoid the metal parts of the surface of the electroplating paint chemical corrosion, should avoid the vehicle length Time sun exposure and rain, so as not to damage the components within the controller, resulting in operational failure, an accident.

Electric cargo tricycle

Electric cargo tricycle security is from the time of purchase, at work to ensure the safety of its equipment during the use of its consumers in the purchase time has begun to pay attention to the regular manufacturers of the protection system are more perfect , Line materials and components of the interface are more formal. Consumers do not seek cheap, we must choose the regular manufacturers or well-known brands of electric tricycle.

Customers in the use of electric cargo tricycle need to pay attention to its equipment and battery specifications, so that to a certain extent, to prevent overcharge and over discharge, electric tricycle battery to take the cooling measures to be heated until the electric tricycle battery temperature returned to normal To charge. Electric tricycle battery installation position should be as good as possible to ensure good heat, found that overheating should stop charging, the charger and electric tricycle battery to check.

Electric cargo tricycle in the ride should not be overloaded, should not be placed in the use of heavy items and people, so to a certain extent, to avoid damage to the battery and motor, equipment lubrication is an important part of maintenance, according to the use, Should be front axle, rear axle, axle, flywheel, fork, shock absorber pivot and other parts of the parts every six months to a year to scrub and lubrication.

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