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Electric Cargo Tricycle Battery Maintenance and Good Quality Standards

- Sep 13, 2017 -

1. Electric cargo tricycle, how can it be good quality? In the purchase, how to carry out?

Electric cargo tricycle this kind of tricycle, its good quality basic requirements, is to have good performance and product quality, as well as the user in the use of the process, you can get good economic benefits, so as to call it a good electric tricycle.

Electric cargo tricycle purchase, the specific terms, is to take into account some specific factors, such as product prices, vehicle mileage and so on. In addition, in the vehicle parts and lines, but also to be viewed, mainly to check the parts contact is good, and the line is correct. Another point is in the battery, but also to focus on, whether it can be used normally, and how the life, can not be ignored.

2. Electric cargo tricycle, if the use of batteries, then, how to maintain?

On the electric cargo tricycle in the battery maintenance, then, there are some specific content, which is mainly:

(1) When the battery is stored, it can not be in a power loss state, and if it is not used, then it is necessary to charge it once a month, so that it can prolong its service life.

(2) on the battery, to conduct regular inspection, so as to ensure its normal use. In the charging time, should be mastered, can not charge too long. In addition, it should avoid high temperature exposure, because this will seriously shorten its service life.

3. Electric cargo tricycle, which can be checked? Its motor power and load, is determined by what?

Electric cargo tricycle, which can be checked, but also has a weight limit, if more than the weight of the provisions, then, only separate shipping, rather than the overall shipment. As for the tricycle motor power and the weight of the decisive factor, this is a design speed for this one.

Electric cargo tricycle

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