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Design and Improvement of Gasoline Cargo Trikes

- Jan 12, 2018 -

As we all know, gasoline cargo tricycle is mainly used for cargo, so its performance and quality requirements are higher. So, in the design process, how to achieve this goal? First of all, in order to maximize the bearing strength of gasoline tricycle, it is often required to use enhanced cargo containers, hidden hinges, and the use of integrated rolling and taillights edge board processing.


At the same time also used high-strength ribs, which is more comprehensive to enhance the carrying capacity of gasoline cargo tricycle box. Secondly, when designing its fuel tank, it has been specifically upgraded and improved, and its volume has also been increased from 11L of normal models to 14L. In addition, the concept of process aesthetics is flexibly used when designing a vehicle shape.


Because of this, we can see that at present most of the high-quality gasoline cargo trikes can not only meet the multi-level requirements of users well, but also have been improved and upgraded in appearance modeling and other aspects, and have been favored by people. In addition to the improved design introduced above, the entire vehicle frame has also been upgraded and improved to ensure the chassis is solid and reliable, load capacity.


Not only that, there are some gasoline cargo trikes equipped with 8 +2 double-leaf spring rear axle, full floating ten gear rear axle, speed ratio is reasonable, carrying capacity, timely traffic conditions are still ideal can remain smooth. And its braking system uses the gas brake structure, driving, parking brake double insurance.


In addition to the contents described above, the petrol-powered tricycle transmission system has also been particularly improved, the engine, clutch, transmission and so designed as a monolithic structure, which is more stable and reliable, the transmission torque. At the same time, the gasoline cargo tricycle also adopts the transmission system to set the profile frame and the rear axle of the automobile to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the vehicle and prolong the service life.

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