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Cleaning Skills for electric vehicles

- May 10, 2017 -

Cleaning Skills for electric vehicles
First, the surface is clean. In life, we use electric cars every day. And in the air contains a lot of dust, iron or chemical substances, so we need to regularly to the electric car shell cleaning and maintenance. We can use soft cloth dipped in neutral cleaning liquid to clean the car shell, remember not to wipe hard to avoid damaging smooth paint surfaces. Must not directly use high-pressure water gun washing the surface of the shell, so that it is very likely to allow moisture infiltration of electric vehicle controllers and other core components caused damage.

The second is cleaning tires. When cleaning electric car tires, special attention should not be wet electric motor, as long as there is a circuit where we had better not to dip water, but also to clean the wheel hub, because the wheels on the dust if it is easy to rust, especially after the rain, the wheels on a thick layer of dirt wrapped in the soil, not conducive to moisture evaporation. So we have to clean the tire of the wheel on the top of the dirt together, to avoid rust.

Then, the battery is maintained. We'd better remove the batteries individually when cleaning. Before cleaning, first to observe the phenomenon of leakage, if there is a need to replace the battery to prevent malfunction; if everything is normal, we can use a soft cloth soaked in the hot water to wipe the surface of the battery and the electrode joints of the rust traces, remember not directly to wash water to avoid leakage caused by the failure. Wait for the surface drying after a thorough cleaning of sandpaper, or rust will continue to spread, the symptom is not the root of the fix;

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